Samsung Shows Off Its Future Smartphone Vision

Samsung Galaxy Next: Foldable, Full of Features, Curved

by Anton Shilov
07/14/2013 | 10:36 AM

Modern smartphones with their vast capabilities define modern lives. At a press event in the U.S., Samsung Electronics has demonstrated a video with its vision for the smartphone of tomorrow. Perhaps, the company has also given a glimpse into a part of our life tomorrow.


The smartphone, which may easily be one of the next Galaxy S devices, is foldable, it has at least three displays, the main display looks to be curved. However, the video, which was allegedly shot and published without permission of Samsung, does not imply on usage of flexible and/or unbreakable glass.

It is noteworthy that Samsung proposes to use the so-called photonic crystal actuator-based display, which could improve actual quality of monitors on mobile devices, simplify multi-touch-based input and save battery life. In addition, Samsung believes, there will be painless patch sensor-powered wireless interconnector between a memory card and a smartphone in the future.

It is also remarkable that Samsung sees smartphone of the future as a device that could compete against media tablet PCs thanks to its ability to fold.

Samsung did not comment on the news-story.