Apple May Increase Next-Generation iPhone Display Size to 4.3” – Reports

Apple Considers Further Enhancing Next iPhone’s Screen Size, But Delay Introduction

by Anton Shilov
07/17/2013 | 06:58 PM

Apple may enhance screen size of the next-generation iPhone, but will need to delay its introduction from September to December, according to a report from Taiwan. The improvement will bolster new iPhone’s competitive positions, but a postponement of introduction will naturally slowdown the company’s ongoing sales.


Apple mulls increasing screen size of its next-generation iPhone to 4.3”, up from 4” of the iPhone 4, in a bid to be more competitive against handsets from Samsung Electronics, Sony and others, according to a report from Commercial Times, which was cited by Bloomberg news-agency. However, such a design change will require the company to delay the launch of the product from September to December.

Previously, it was expected that Apple’s seventh-generation iPhone would feature the same 4” display with 1136*640 resolution as the iPhone 5. However, that would mean the new iPhone would feature the smallest display among the top-of-the-range smartphones available from leading manufacturers, such as Samsung, Sony, LG Electronics, Nokia and others. Increasing the size of the monitor will clearly improve its abilities to compete against handsets like Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z and similar.

Increasing the display diagonal of Apple’s seventh-gen iPhone will end up in major redesign of the smartphone. In case Apple maintains the form-factor of the iPhone 5, then it will need to further stretch the screen vertically, which will result in the screen that will be nearly as large as the front panel of the phone. In case Apple introduces a new form-factor, the new iPhone will not only look very differently from the iPhone 4/5, but will also require software makers to considerably redesign their programs.

Previously, it was expected that Apple’s next iPhone will be called iPhone 5S. In case Apple actually changes display of the new iPhone, it will likely carry a different name, e.g., iPhone 6.

Apple did not comment on the news-story.