Life-to-Date Shipments of Microsoft Surface Less Than Two Million Units - Company

Sales of Microsoft Surface Tablets Totaled $853 Million

by Anton Shilov
07/30/2013 | 11:20 PM

It is not a secret that sales of Microsoft Corp.’s Surface family of media and business tablets are well below what the company anticipated. But after Microsoft revealed actual revenues it got from sales of its tablets, it looks like it looks like the slates are catastrophically unpopular among end-users. In fact, it looks like life-to-date shipments of all Surface slates are less than two million units.


Microsoft Surface revenue was $853 million for the whole fiscal year 2013 (ended June 30, 2013), which includes sales of both Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets, according to Microsoft’s filing with the SEC. Apparently, sales of the slates were lower than $900 million charge the software giant took last week after cutting the price of Surface tablets by around $150. Generally, Microsoft lost more than it got as a revenue when it comes to Surface-series products.

Originally, Microsoft charged $499 per basic version of Surface RT and $899 per default version of Surface Pro. The general availability of Surface RT and Windows 8 started October 26, 2012. The general availability of Surface Pro started February 9, 2013.

Back in March it was reported – citing anonymous sources – that Microsoft managed to sell 1.5 million Surface slates, 400 thousand Surface Pro units and 1.1 million Surface RT units. If to assume that the average revenue per Surface tablet that Microsoft received was $500 per unit, then total sales of Surface-series products to date is around 1.7 million units.

The most successful media tablet supplier these days – Apple – has been selling around 17.75 million iPad media tablets per quarter on average in the recent four fiscal quarters.

Microsoft did not comment on the news-story.