Microsoft Surface 2 with Windows 8.1 Set to Debut This Month – Reports

Microsoft Begins to Send Invitations to Surface 2.0 Event

by Anton Shilov
09/11/2013 | 11:59 PM

Microsoft Corp. has begun to send invitations to a press event on September 23, where it is believed to unleash its next-generation Surface media and/or business tablets. At present it is expected that Microsoft will announce one, two or three new slates at the show, however, the company remains tight-lipped over its plans.


In a bid to attract maximum attention to the launch of a new-generation Surface tablets, Microsoft organized its event in New York. The company has invited some members of the press to the launch of new tablets, so expect the coverage to emerge on the web already on September 23. What remains to be seen is whether Microsoft will actually start to sell new Surface products in October, along with the release of Windows 8.1 update, or later this year.

At present it is completely unclear what exactly Microsoft wants to show at its event later this month. The only thing obvious is that the products to be shown will run on Windows RT and Windows 8.1 operating systems will all “Blue” updates and capabilities.

Earlier rumours suggested that Microsoft has been playing with smaller form-factors than current 10.1” for its consumer-oriented Surface. At the same time, the company has shown no signs of plans to get rid of current form-factor for its Windows RT-powered gadget. Moreover, Surface Pro will most likely retain 10.1” display.

It is likely that Microsoft will show three new tablets at the show: two new Surface tablets with 7”-class and 10”-class screens powered by new ARM-compatible application processors running Windows RT as well as one Surface Pro slate based on Intel Core i-series 4000-sequence “Haswell” microprocessor with reduced power consumption featuring Windows 8.1.

Microsoft did not comment on the news-story.