Apple Co-Founder Condemns iPad Air, Claims Not Interested in Buying One

Steve Wozniak Wants More Storage, Calls for 256GB iPads

by Anton Shilov
10/24/2013 | 11:30 PM

Without any doubts, Apple iPad Air is the most significant thing that happened to iPad since the original iPad. The new tablet offers higher performance, improved functionality, is lighter, thinner and smaller. However, Steve Wozniak, a co-founder of Apple, is not impressed with the novelty. All he wants from a slate is more storage.


"I am constantly following the gadget world but I was on a plane and missed all of the keynote but when I finally took a look at the devices, the iPads did not hit my needs. Yes it is thinner but I wanted storage. I do not have broadband at home, so I carry all my personal media in the iPad. So I was hoping Apple has a 256GB iPad. So I emailed my wife and said I did not want one of those,” said Steve Wozniak during his speech at Apps World conference in London, England, reports TechRadar.

Since NAND flash memory is not truly expensive these days, Apple could easily introduce an iPad with 256GB or even more storage. The problem is that the company earns very high profit margins on iPads that have more than 16GB of memory. For example, iPad Air 16GB costs $499, whereas the same iPad Air with 128GB of memory is priced at whopping $799. It is clear that 112GB of NAND flash do not cost $300. A hypothetical 256GB iPad Air would cost $899 (or $1029 for a WiFi + cellular model), a price-tag that is just too high for a slate. Perhaps, Apple will introduce a tablet with 256GB of memory, but in that case it will have to increase minimum size to 32GB.

It should be noted that at present there are no media tablets with 256GB of onboard storage.