Samsung to Make Tablets a “Key Major Focus” – Company

Samsung to Strengthen Tablet Efforts This Year

by Anton Shilov
01/14/2014 | 11:21 PM

Although Samsung Electronics is among the world’s largest makers of media tablets, the company’s slates so far have not really been as innovative as its smartphones. This year the company will change that and will try to make its tablets considerably more appealing to different categories of users.


Back in 2013 the company shipped 40 million tablets and commanded around 20% of the market, according to Lee Young Hee, executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile business unit. At the same time, from technology standpoint Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note tablets introduced last year were nothing too special. For example, the third-generation Galaxy Tab 10.1” featured display with 1280*800 resolution from 2011.

Mediocre specifications of Galaxy tablets is something that is going to end this year. At the CES 2014 trade-show last week Samsung introduced its Galaxy NotePro (which uses a stylus) and the TabPro slates with 12.2” displays (2560*1600 resolution) and octa-core/quad-core high-performance application processors aimed at professional and business customers. Later this year the company will introduce more innovative tablets.

“We had put relatively fewer resources and focus, including marketing, on tablets, but from this year we will consider it as one of our key major focuses. We still have room to improve,” said Lee Young Hee in an interview with Bloomberg news-agency.