Apple Should Make Google Android-Based Smartphone – Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak Calls Apple to Consider Alternative Mobile Operating Systems

by Anton Shilov
02/07/2014 | 11:52 PM

Steve Wozniak, a co-founder of Apple, said in an interview that the company he helped to establish should make smartphones featuring Android operating system from Google, Apple’s arch-rival, in order to boost market share. At the same time, Mr. Wozniak defended Apple’s careful approach to iPhone features.


While Apple only sells two or three base iPhone models, it manages to sell 50+ million units per quarter, whereas many other makers offer tens of models but cannot sell even 15 million units. Apple iPhones boast excellent build quality as well as proprietary iOS operating systems. The two advantages allow the company to remain successful in terms of revenue growth and even to earn on its smartphones, unlike its rivals who use Google Android. Nonetheless, Apple’s share on the smartphone is declining since Android is gaining popularity, which is why, Steve Wozniak calls Apple to utilize the operating system and become a leading supplier of Android-based handsets.

“There’s nothing that would keep Apple out of the Android market as a secondary phone market. We could compete very well. People like the precious looks of styling and manufacturing that we do in our product compared to the other Android offerings. We could play in two arenas at the same time,” said Steve Wozniak in an interview with Wired.

From technological point of view, it should not be too problematic to run Android on iPhone hardware. Since Google’s mobile OS is open-source, it is even possible to tweak it so to get maximum out of Apple’s proprietary chips. Still, using Android on an iPhone is like using Windows on Mac: possible, but makes no sense.

Moreover, keeping in mind the cut-throat competition on the Android smartphone market, it makes no sense for Apple to leave the market as it will have enter a price-war.

Steve Wozniak agrees with Apple’s policy not to pour in all the imaginable features and capabilities into its iPhone just to boost their count and add extra bells and whistles to the product.

“If you have something really good, don’t change it; don’t screw it up. You pick up a Samsung phone and say smile and it takes a picture, but how much innovation is that? That’s just throwing in a lot of features,” said the Apple co-founder.