Mozilla, Spreadtrum Launch $25 Firefox OS-Based Smartphone Initiative

Firefox OS-Powered Smartphones Could Cost $25

by Anton Shilov
02/24/2014 | 08:00 PM

Mozilla, the developer of Firefox browser and mobile operating system, and Spreadtrum Communications, a designer of mobile application processors from China, have announced that they have teamed up to deliver turnkey Firefox OS reference designs with Spreadtrum's entry-level smartphone system-on-chips. Smartphones powered by the platform will cost only $25.


"Turnkey solutions benefit the vast majority of small handset makers by reducing the time and cost involved in bringing new devices to market. This joint effort between Spreadtrum and Mozilla will help make Firefox OS more readily available to handset makers that focus on the needs of entry level smartphone buyers in emerging markets," said Stuart Robinson, an analyst at Strategy Analytics.

Spreadtrum unveiled the SC6821, a system-on-chip allegedly features an ARM Cortex-A5 core as well as a basic graphics processor and is designed with a low memory configuration and high level of integration that lowers the total bill of materials required to develop low-end smartphones. With this system-on-chip, handset makers will be able to bring to market smartphones with 3.5" HVGA touchscreens, integrated 802.11 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM and camera functions, the advanced phone and browser features of Firefox OS, and access to a rich ecosystem of web and HTML5 applications, at prices similar to much more minimally featured budget feature phones.

Spreadtrum's turnkey reference design brings together this highly cost-effective system-on-chip platform with the intuitive, easy-to-use experience and Web/HTML5 application ecosystem of Firefox OS.

Spreadtrum and Mozilla have now completed the integration of Firefox OS with several of Spreadtrum's WCDMA and EDGE smartphone system-on-chips, including the SC6821, unveiled by Spreadtrum as the industry's first system-on-chip for US$25 smartphones.

Spreadtrum and Mozilla have completed the integration of Firefox OS with Spreadtrum's SC6821 and SC7710 WCDMA smartphone system-on-chips, and expect to complete a turnkey reference design for the SC7715, Spreadtrum's single-core WCDMA smartphone system-on-chip with integrated connectivity, next month. Spreadtrum and Mozilla's collaboration will extend across Spreadtrum's full system-on-chip portfolio.