66% of Stereo-3D TV Owners Watch 3D Shows at Least Once per Week

Owners of Stereoscopic 3D HDTVs Show Interest in S3D Content

by Anton Shilov
08/09/2011 | 10:05 PM

Watching television shows in 3D has become a regular activity for the majority of stereo-3D TV owners, according to the latest research from the Strategy Analytics. The research demonstrates that owners of stereo-3D TVs are not only interested in S3D content, but even manage to find it despite of rather scarce availability.


Apparently, two-thirds - or 66% - of 3DTV owners across the US and Europe are watching at least one show in 3D on a weekly basis. 41% of 3DTV owners claim to be watching shows in 3D at least once a day or several times a day. Unfortunately, the results of the survey can hardly be called absolutely representative as Strategy Analytics only surveyed 4801 persons via the Internet and only 238 of which (4.9%) actually owned a 3DTV.

"3DTV is confounding the skeptics and gaining traction with early adopters. A significant minority of 3DTV owners now watch some TV in 3D on a daily basis, and this should be seen as an encouraging sign for content producers and the television industry in general," said David Mercer, principal analyst and the report author.

The survey also found that 3DTV owners typically own two pairs of 3D glasses, although a small minority (13%) claims not to own any 3D glasses. The research provides some evidence that the cost of buying additional pairs of glasses is seen as a barrier to 3D viewing: 53% of 3DTV viewers agree that they would buy more 3D glasses for family and friends if prices were lower.

“The glasses issue is very real. Naturally enough people would rather not have to wear them, but a majority of 3DTV viewers are prepared to put up with the inconvenience when the experience and entertainment value justify it," said Jia Wu, an analyst with senior analyst.

Strategy Analytics conducted an online survey in July 2011. The sample consisted of 2000 individuals in the U.S. and 2801 in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, UK) ages 15-74 years. The sample of 3DTV owners was 238.