Sharp Initiates Production of 5” Full-HD Screens

Sharp Pixel Density Record with 5”/1080p Display

by Anton Shilov
10/02/2012 | 11:07 PM

Sharp Corp. has started production of 5” full-HD (1080*1920) LCD panels for smartphones with a pixel density among the highest in the world. Production began at the end of September at Mie plant No. 3 and full-scale production will begin in October. It is currently unknown what smartphone will use the panel.


The world’s most advanced 5” screen with 1920*1080 resolution features record 443ppi (pixel per inch) pixel density. This LCD panel employs CG-Silicon technology (developed jointly by Sharp and Semiconductor Energy Laboratory), a new pixel design, and an innovative production process to achieve the same number of pixels in a smartphone-size screen as there are in a full-HD LCD TV.

CG-Silicon technology is an LCD process technology that uses high-performance, crystalline silicon with electron mobility up to 600 times faster than ordinary amorphous silicon and up to six times faster than low-temperature polysilicon. Modern CG-Silicon technology also significantly shrinks wiring width within the LCD panels, which enables 500cm/m2 brightness on ultra-portable devices.

The panel, which can display crisp text, super-clear maps and realistic HD images, is designed for smartphones and potentially video game consoles. Considering that the novelty will hardly be really inexpensive, it will likely get used on niche models that will not be available widely initially. Going forward, panels with such resolution will become an industry-standard thanks to widespread availability of full-HD content.

“By providing ultra-detailed LCD panels to support the growing worldwide demand for smartphones, Sharp will contribute to smartphones with increasingly higher quality images,” a statement by Sharp reads.