Sharp to Introduce 4K Professional Display with IGZO Panel

Sharp Set to Release 4K IGZO Display for Japanese Market

by Anton Shilov
11/28/2012 | 11:09 AM

Sharp Corp. this week announced a new professional display for CAD works that not only features 4K-class resolution (3840*2160), but will also be based on a panel based on Sharp’s promising IGZO technology. The new professional display has large 32” diagonal and is currently among the largest PC displays on the market.


The PN-K321 is Sharp's latest 32” ultra-high-definition (3840*2160) display and features smaller transistors (TFTs) in the LCD panel compared to conventional displays, thereby increasing the amount of transmitted light per pixel. Because 4K displays enable clear, crisp display of large amounts of information ranging from small text to detailed images on one screen, they boost operational efficiency by sparing users the need to scroll frequently.

Sharp's IGZO technology makes it possible to adopt a specially designed edge-lit LED backlight system that enables the depth of the main body to be reduced to a mere 35mm to achieve the industry's thinnest design. Even though the PN-K321 features a large 32”-class screen, there is no sense of crowding when placed on an office desktop. In addition, this unit can also blend in when installed in public spaces. Further, input connectors are compatible with the latest DisplayPort and HDMI interface specifications, enabling the PN-K321 to be connected to a PC via a single DP cable and dual HDMI cables.

Demand for ultra-high-definition 4K displays is forecast to grow for numerous business and professional applications, including creating and editing graphics and video, financial-related operations requiring intensive use of graphs and small text, and CAD services for displaying detailed drawings. The introduction of this unit marks the beginning of Sharp's continuing commitment to strengthen its lineup of ultra-high-definition displays.

Unfortunately, Sharp will be able to produce only 1500 of such displays per month. Hence, very high price is expected when the displays become available in February, 2013. Initially, Sharp PN-K321 will be available only in Japan.