Samsung Set to Demo Bendable Screens at Consumer Electronics Show

Samsung Preps Demonstration of Flexible Screens for Smartphones, TVs

by Anton Shilov
12/20/2012 | 12:33 PM



Samsung Display, a spin-off from Samsung Electronics, will demonstrate two flexible screens at the Consumer Electronics Show next month in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company seems to be very serious about unbreakable screens as the displays to be shown are intended for smartphones and TV-sets.

At the show, the company will show off a 5.5” flexible screen for smartphones with 1280*720 resolution (267ppi density) as well as a 55” bendable panel for TVs or digital signage with unknown resolution, reports Cnet News web-site citing Samsung Display's officials. It is unclear whether the flexible AMOLED screens will be shown as technology prototypes or as actual product prototypes.

Back in November it was reported that Samsung Display, a producer of display panels that belongs to Samsung, is in the last phase of development of flexible displays for mobile devices, which are expected to be released in the first half of next year. Bendable displays are virtually unbreakable and naturally provide a lot of opportunities when it comes to creation of innovation shapes of smartphone.

Samsung has already demonstrated rather weird product prototypes with flexible displays at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, but those featured 4.5” screens. This does not mean that that the actual devices on their base will be as odd as technology showcases. The main advantage which they will likely provide will be added crash-worthiness as well as improved usability. While the screens themselves will be able to bend, other electronics components inside smartphones, such as printed-circuit boards or chips, will not be flexible and can be broken.

Earlier this month a rumour emerged that Samsung Electronics’ next-generation Galaxy S IV flagship smartphone will not only feature traditional software and hardware innovations, but will also take advantage of the company’s bendable screen technology, which will make its display unbreakable. Such Google Android-powered smartphone may reinvent mobile phones as we know them today.