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May, 2013
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Friday, May 31, 2013

Microsoft Set to Spend $1 Billion on Exclusive Xbox One Video Games. xbox  Microsoft  Xbox Next
[9:04 am]

Microsoft Eager to Fund Development of Exclusive Games for Xbox One


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sony PlayStation 4 Games Will Have Mandatory Support for Remote Play. Sony  Playstation  Orbis  Vita  iOS  Android  Apple  Google  PlayStation 4
[11:21 am]

Games for PlayStation 4 Will Be Required to Work on PlayStation Vita Remotely


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chief Exec of Apple: Google Glass Set to Be a Niche Market Product. Apple  iWatch  Google  Glass
[1:45 pm]

Tim Cook Does Not See Great Innovations Among Available Wearable Tech

Microsoft Will Not Bring AAA-Class Xbox One Games to PCs. Microsoft  xbox  xbox one  Xbox Live  Windows  Windows 8  Windows Phone
[12:31 pm]

Microsoft Does Not Focus on PC Gamers When It Comes to Hardcore Games


Monday, May 27, 2013

Toshiba to Launch Ultra-High Resolution 4K TVs for Japanese market. Toshiba  4K  UHD  UHDTV  HDTV
[2:49 pm]

Toshiba Readies Regza Z8X UHDTVs with 58”, 65” and 84” Models

Microsoft Xbox One APU Cost Over $3 Billion to Develop. Microsoft  Xbox One  Xbox  AMD  Jaguar  Radeon  ATI  GCN
[2:17 pm]

Former AMD Executive Reveals Cost of Xbox One SoC Project for Developers

G.Skill Set to Enter the Market of PC Gaming Peripherals. G.Skill  DRAM
[11:53 am]

G.Skill to Start Making PC Gear for Gamers

Microsoft Xbox One Will Rely on Cloud Technologies for Latency Insensitive Computations. Microsoft  Xbox One  Xbox  AMD  Jaguar  Radeon  ATI  GCN
[11:06 am]

Microsoft to Boost Xbox One Compute Performance Using Cloud Technologies

Microsoft Xbox One to Feature Regional Locks. Microsoft  Xbox One  Xbox  Business
[10:06 am]

Microsoft Xbox One to Be Region Locked


Friday, May 24, 2013

Second-Generation Kinect Sensor for Windows Due in 2014 – Microsoft. Kinect  Xbox One  Xbox  Microsoft  Windows  Windows 8  Windows RT
[9:09 am]

Microsoft Discloses Additional Details About Kinect 2


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kinect Support Is Not Mandatory for Xbox One Video Games – Microsoft. Kinect  Microsoft  Xbox One  Xbox  AMD  Jaguar  Radeon  ATI  GCN
[2:30 pm]

Microsoft Will Not Require Compulsory Support of Kinect from Xbox One Games

European Amazon Stores Start to List Xbox One with €599 Price-Tag. Microsoft  Xbox One  Xbox  AMD  Jaguar  Radeon  ATI  GCN
[2:10 pm]

Microsoft Xbox One May Cost €599 in Europe, If First Listings Are Correct

Microsoft Confident in Lack of Quality Issues with Xbox One Hardware. Microsoft  Xbox One  Xbox  AMD  Jaguar  Radeon  ATI  GCN
[12:12 pm]

Microsoft Vows Xbox One Will Not Have RROD-Like Issues


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sony Starts Manufacturing of PlayStation 3 in Brazil. Sony  PlayStation  Business
[12:38 pm]

Sony Begins to Make PS3 Game Consoles in Latin America

Microsoft Not Worried About Xbox One’s Lack of Backwards Compatibility, Vows Big Xbox 360 Announcement at E3. Microsoft  Xbox  Xbox One  Durango  Xbox Next
[11:09 am]

Microsoft Believes Xbox One Will Not Require Games of Xbox 360

Nvidia Announces PhysX and APEX Support for Microsoft Xbox One. Nvidia  PhysX  APEX  Microsoft  Xbox One  Xbox  AMD  Jaguar  RAdeon  ATI  GCN
[10:35 am]

Microsoft Xbox One Games to Use PhysX and APEX


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Microsoft Xbox One to Run Two Operating Systems at Once. Microsoft  Xbox  Xbox Next  Durango  Xbox One
[1:03 pm]

To Provide the Best Experience, Xbox One Will Rely on Several Operating Systems

Microsoft Xbox One Will Not Require “Always On” Connection, But Will Need the Internet for Nearly Everything. Microsoft  Xbox  Xbox Next  Durango  Xbox One
[12:59 pm]

Microsoft Xbox One Will Need Internet Connection for Majority of Things

Microsoft Xbox One Will Not Be Backwards Compatible with Xbox 360 Games. Microsoft  Xbox  Xbox Next  Durango  Xbox One
[11:51 am]

Microsoft Drops Backwards Compatibility for Xbox One

Microsoft and Sony to Start Selling Next-Gen Consoles by End of October . Electronic Arts  Microsoft  Xbox  Xbox One  Sony  PlayStation 4  Playstation  Battlefield
[11:15 am]

Battlefield 4 Launch Date Reveals Availability Timeframe for PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Microsoft Unveils Xbox One: The One and Only Machine One Needs in the Living Room. Microsoft  Xbox  Xbox Next  Durango  Xbox One  AMD  Fusion  Radeon  GCN  Jaguar  HDTV  4K  UHDTV  UHD
[10:44 am]

Microsoft Reveals Its New Vision for Game Consoles with Xbox One System


Monday, May 20, 2013

Razer Launches Atrox Arcade Stick for Fighting Video Games. Razer  Atrox  Xbox  Microsoft
[2:40 pm]

Razer Launches Controller for Old-School Fighting Games


Friday, May 17, 2013

Sales of Nintendo Wii U Hit Another Low in the U.S. Nintendo  Wii U  Wii  Business
[2:50 pm]

Nintendo Wii U Just Cannot Become Popular


Thursday, May 16, 2013

True Stereo-3D Will Require 330MP – 3.3GP Resolutions, Says Developer of 8K Video Format. NHK  8K  SHV  HEVC  UHD  UHDTV
[12:51 pm]

NHK: 8K Is the Final 2D Format, All Future Formats Will Be in 3D

NHK Shows World’s First 8K Movie at Cannes Film Festival. NHK  8K  SHV  HEVC  UHD  UHDTV
[10:57 am]

Japanese National Broadcasting Company Demos 8K Movie, Content to Film Industry


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

NHK and Mitsubishi Develop World’s First Real-Time HEVC Encoder for 8K Video. NHK  8K  SHV  HEVC  UHD  UHDTV
[1:00 pm]

Japanese Companies Develop Real-Time HEVC Encoder for 8K/SHV Video

Sony Trademarks “Greatness Awaits” Slogan for PlayStation 4. Sony  PlayStation  Orbis
[11:58 am]

Sony Readies “Greatness Awaits” PS4 Marketing Campaign


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

E-Ink Introduces 13.3” Flexible Electronic Paper Display. E-Ink  E-Book
[11:03 am]

E-Ink to Start Mass Production of Flexible 13.3” Electronic Display

Nvidia Begins to Take Pre-Orders on Shield Game Console. Nvidia  Tegra  Shield  Android  Google  Grid  Geforce
[10:57 am]

Nvidia to Ship Google Android-Based Shield Game Console


Monday, May 13, 2013

Electronic Arts: We Will Have Ultimate Lineup of Video Games for Next-Gen Console. Electronic Arts  Sony  Microsoft  Xbox  Playstation  Orbis  Durango  Nintendo  Wii U
[11:53 am]

Electronic to Discuss Lineups for Next-Gen Consoles at E3 Trade-Show


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sony Will Not Sell PlayStation 4 at Major Loss - Company. Sony  Playstation  Orbis  AMD  ATI  Jaguar  GCN  Fusion  Radeon
[1:09 pm]

Sony Does Not Plan Major Losses for Its PlayStation 4 Launch


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Microsoft Could Buy Nook Media E-Book Company for $1 Billion. E-Book  Microsoft  B&N  Nook  Barnes & Noble
[2:41 pm]

Microsoft May Buyout B&N’s Stake in Nook Media LLC

Sony: We Never Wanted PlayStation 4 to Be “Always Online” Console. sony  playstation  xbox  xbox next  Microsoft  Durango  orbis
[1:19 pm]

Sony PlayStation 4 Will Not Require Permanent Internet Access


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Microsoft Xbox Infinity Set to Be “Tolerant” to Today’s Internet Connectivity. Microsoft  Xbox  Xbox Next  Durango  AMD  Jaguar  Radeon  ATI  GCN
[1:58 pm]

Microsoft Will Not Require Internet Connection for Single-Player Games, Blu-Ray Disc Playback

Nintendo Wants Smartphone Apps to Boost Wii U Game Console. Nintendo  wii u  wii  android  ios  google  apple
[1:03 pm]

Nintendo Asks Developers of Popular Smartphone Apps to Port Their Games to Wii U


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sony: PlayStation 4 Is at War For the Living Room. Sony  Playstation  Orbis  AMD  Jaguar  ATI  Radeon  GCN  x86
[9:40 pm]

Sony Implies on Vast “Consumer-Oriented” Features of the PS4


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Microsoft Surface with 7.5” Display Due in Q1 2014 – Report. Microsoft  Windows  Windows 8  Windows RT  Blue
[1:58 pm]

Microsoft Next-Gen Surface to Feature High-Quality Screen, But Will Arrive Late


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sony Set to Reveal Non-Game Functionality of PlayStation 4 at Upcoming Events. Sony  PlayStation  Orbis  AMD  Jaguar  ATI  Radeon  GCN  x86
[2:25 pm]

Sony: PS4 Will Have Serious Entertainment Capabilities Beyond Games