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August, 2013
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Apple and Samsung Will Not Create Duopoly on the Market of Wearable Electronics – Broadcom Executive. Broadcom  Apple  Samsung  Google  iPhone  iOS  Android
[2:53 pm]

Wearable Computing Devices Expected to Be Tailored to Smaller User Bases with Particular Needs

Logitech Rolls-Out Ultrathin Touch Mouse . Logitech
[1:32 am]

Logitech Reveals Ultra-Portable Mouse

Nintendo Announces 2DS Portable Game Console to Address Price-Sensitive Buyers. Nintendo  2DS  3DS  DS
[12:23 am]

Nintendo Drops Stereo-3D Technology from New Portable Game System


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nintendo Cuts Wii U Deluxe Price to Boost Sales. Nintendo  wii  wii u
[2:57 pm]

Nintendo Announces New Wii U Deluxe Price


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Samsung to Showcase Smart Wrist-Watch Next Week – Company. Samsung  Galaxy  Galaxy Gear  Android
[2:57 pm]

Samsung to Unleash Galaxy Gear Smart Watch in Early September


Friday, August 23, 2013

Pre-Orders of Sony PlayStation 4 Already Higher Than Launch Sales of PlayStation 3. Sony  Playstation  PlayStation 4  Orbis  Xbox One  Microsoft  Business
[6:01 am]

Sony Already Has Orders for One Million PlayStation 4 Consoles


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

MHL 3.0 Spec Enables 4K Video and 7.1 Audio Output on Mobile Devices. MHL  HDMI  4K  UHD  Ultra HD  UHDTV
[12:57 pm]

MHL Specification Now Supports 4K Video, 7.1 Audio Output


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sony Slashes PlayStation Vita Price in the U.S., Adds Support for PlayStation 4 Streaming. Sony  PlayStation  Vita  3G  PlayStation Vita
[1:50 pm]

Sony Cuts PlayStation Vita Pricing in the U.S., Makes 3G Option Free

Microsoft Announces 51 Games for Xbox One Game Console. Microsoft  xbox  xbox one  Durango  xbox next
[1:39 pm]

Microsoft Xbox One Will Not Starve for Games in Foreseeable Future

Sony Announces Launch Lineup of PlayStation 4 Games. Sony  PlayStation  PlayStaton 4  ORbis
[12:55 pm]

Sony Discloses First-to-Be-Released PS4 Titles

Sony Announces PlayStation 4 Launch Dates for Europe, U.S., Latin America. Sony  PlayStation  PlayStation 4
[11:40 am]

Sony’s PS4 Will Be Available in November, Japanese Launch to Be Delayed


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Microsoft’s Own Chip Enables Ultimate Precision of New Kinect Sensor. Microsoft  Kinect  Xbox One  Xbox
[1:11 pm]

Microsoft’s New Kinect Is Based on Microsoft’s Own Chip – Report

Sony Set to Bring $199 PlayStation 3 12GB Console to the U.S. Sony  PlayStation  Business
[12:59 pm]

Lowest-Cost PlayStation Heading to the U.S.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Microsoft Xbox One to Function without Kinect Sensor. Microsoft  Kinect  Xbox  Xbox One  Durango  Xbox Next
[2:54 pm]

Kinect No Longer Mandatory for Xbox One Operation

Microsoft Delays Launch of Xbox One on Several Markets. Microsoft  Xbox One  Xbox  Durango  Business
[10:08 am]

Microsoft Shrinks List of Xbox One Launch Countries for 2013


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Amazon and Nuance Sign a New Pact, Could Result in Siri-Like Capabilities on Kindle Devices. Amazon  Nuance Communications  Siri  Apple  Samsung  HTC  Huawei
[2:05 pm]

Amazon Licenses “Mobile and Consumer” Technologies from Nuance, A Provider of Voice Solutions


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nvidia Establishes Tech Center to Advance Car Industry. Nvidia  Quadro  Tegra  Business  Audi  Bentley  BMW  Lamborghini  Maserati  Rolls Royce  Tesla Motors  VolksWagen  VW
[2:35 pm]

Nvidia Opens Up Technology Center in Ann Harbor, Michigan

AMD Reveals Official Name for Next-Gen Never Settle Bundle. AMD  Radeon  Sea Island  Southern Islands  ATI
[2:25 pm]

AMD: We Are Doing Stunning Things with Future Never Settle Bundles

Global PC Gaming Hardware Sales Shrug off PC Market Decline – Study. Business  JPR  Intel  AMD  Nvidia  Razer  Corsair  OCZ
[2:15 pm]

Total Available PC Gaming Hardware Market to Shrink to $17.791 Billion This Year

Ex-Nvidia Executive: CUDA and PhysX Are Doomed! Nvidia  CUDA  PhysX  Tesla  Tegra  Quadro  OpenCL  GPGPU
[1:59 pm]

Roy Taylor Condemns Proprietary Technologies


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sony Declines to Spin Off Entertainment Division. Sony  Business
[2:52 pm]

Sony’s Board Votes Against Spinning Off Entertainment Unit

Microsoft Slashes Price of Surface Pro by $100. Microsoft  Surface  Windows 8  Surface Pro  Windows RT  Business
[2:46 pm]

Microsoft Cuts Price of Windows 8-Based Tablet

Microsoft Boosts Xbox One’s GPU Clock-Rate by 6%. Microsoft  Xbox One  Xbox  Durango
[8:06 am]

Microsoft Increases Frequency of Xbox One GPU


Friday, August 2, 2013

Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 “Are Very Close, Very Good” – John Carmack. Sony  PlayStation 4  Playstation  Microsoft  Xbox One  Kinect  Business  Xbox  Xbox Next  AMD  Fusion  Jaguar  GCN  Radeon
[5:49 am]

Legendary Game Developer Not Sure Which One of Next-Gen Consoles Is Better


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Toys R Us Reveals Microsoft Xbox One Launch Date in U.S., Europe. Microsoft  Xbox One  Xbox  Durango  Business
[2:49 pm]

Xbox One Arrives in Late November in the U.S. and Europe

Activision: Next-Gen Consoles Will Last Long, Bring New Gaming Experiences. Microsoft  Sony  PlayStation  Xbox One  Xbox  PlayStation 4  Orbis  Durango  Activision
[2:48 pm]

Bobby Kotick Praises Next-Generation Consoles from Microsoft and Sony

Toys R Us Reveals Sony PlayStation 4 Launch Dates in U.S., Europe. Sony  Playstation  PlayStation 4  Orbis
[2:09 pm]

Sony PS4 Arrives in Late November in the U.S., Early December in Europe