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Microsoft Corp.’s vice president in an interview during the Electronic Entertainment Exhibition (E3) criticized Sony Corp. for $599 price-tag on the PlayStation 3 and expressed opinion that consumers would prefer to get an Xbox 360 and a Wii, rather than a PlayStation 3.

“Tell me why you would buy a $600 PS3?” Peter Moore, Microsoft Xbox division vice president, is reported to have said, according to Reuters news-agency. “People are going to buy two (machines). They’re going to buy an Xbox and they’re going to buy a Wii for the price of one PS3”.

Microsoft’s premium Xbox 360 version costs $399 today, whereas Nintendo’s Wii game console is rumoured to sell for $199. The top-of-the-range version of PlayStation 3 console, which will be able to play Blu-ray disc movies, will cost $599, by contrast. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 cannot play HD DVD movies by default, but requires a separate HD DVD drive, which costs additional money.

But Mr. Moore of Microsoft believes that in the game console world it is everything about the pricing and games, not additional features, such as Blu-ray disc player capability, which would cost over $1000, when purchased as a standalone device.

“People will always gravitate toward a competitively priced product – like what I believe Wii will be – with innovative new designs and great intellectual property like Mario, Zelda and Metroid,” Mr. Moore is reported to have said.

It is unclear whether Microsoft is going to co-work with Nintendo in a bid to replace Sony from the top of the game console world, however, denouncing the main rival amid praising another seems to be rather uncertain in terms of future plans.

Sony currently dominates the worldwide video game market with a 66% share, while Microsoft and Nintendo each hold 17%, according to Strategy Analytics.


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Sighs... Here we go again from M$... Saying all those things about SONY's PS3~ (-_-)a
Why buy PS3 when you can buy two consoles?!
XBOX360 and Wii~! Sure why not~ as if!
The price of Wii isn't even clear yet! As if do can buy two consoles, it costs more to buy games! Oh wait..! Not really since Wii is way~~~~~more BC than xbox360!!!

Anyway another point..

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 cannot play HD DVD movies by default, but requires a separate HD DVD drive, which costs additional money.

But Mr. Moore of Microsoft believes that in the game console world it is everything about the pricing and games, not additional features,

Uhhhh~~~!! Stop trying to slip away "which costs additional money. " but....

Whatever! I don't care what you guys think!! Keep your opinions to yourselves cause I don't believe in what you believe!
I am going to buy PS3 even though it's overpriced and I don't give a sh!t about what you think about me. Gamers are not all about the pricing and games, it is about their passion.

" 갔서도다. 보았도다. 질렸도다. "
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 05/12/06 04:14:33 PM]
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Your post sounds really fan boyish. You seem to be attacking the fact that this came from a Microsoft representative, not because its not a reasonable claim at all.... in any case, this claim from Microsoft sounds VERY reasonable. $600 is *a lot* of money.

First off... Two Consoles does not mean it costs more to buy games. One game is *still* one game, regardless of the amount of consoles. The price of a game does not double when you own two consoles. Lets not also forget that Wii is *rumored* to have a library of downloadable games, for a fraction of the orignal retail price. Also, Bluray Discs are (more) expensive to make (compared to Dual-Layer DVDs). This shouldn't effect Sony's game pricing, but its a factor you have to consider about when Sony prices games.

Quoting you:
"Anyway another point..

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 cannot play HD DVD movies by default, but requires a separate HD DVD drive, which costs additional money.

But Mr. Moore of Microsoft believes that in the game console world it is everything about the pricing and games, not additional features, "
You said it yourself. This is the *GAME CONSOLE* world. This is why people want to pay $300 dollars for a gaming machine, not $2500 for a super-computer, not $600 for some Bluray\Hybrid\Gaming Machine. The fact is that the extra "feature" Sony's Console has... Blu-Ray... isn't going to justify the extra $300 price tag the PS3 has over the Xbox 360.

The price point Sony has chosen is just madness. I think they are making a big mistake. Considering most people purchase systems with at least a second controller and one game... you can expect the start-up costs of this system to be around ~$700. And in order to enjoy that cool "Blu-Ray" High Def. Movies... I'll need an HDTV... Where am I going to get all this money?

.... Now if PS3 game with Bluray optional... with a $299 slimmed-down version... it wouldn't of been so bad....

But for now, I hope MS has a $100 price cut when PS3 launches, just to shove Sony's mistake into thier face.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 05/13/06 08:29:02 PM]
1. Have u guys really playing games from XBox 360? Frankly speaking, the grahpics isn't really "next generation" at all! I can still see edges, seems they doesn't do any AA processing at all!

2. Mr. Moore of Microsoft believes that in the game console world it is everything about the pricing and games. I think he's completely wrong! Just think about why people spend several hundereds of US dollar for a top end GPU/CPU just for gaming! In fact, many people hock up consoles with AV centers and big screen HDTV for gaming. Will they care just US$100 for the reduced experience?

3. Actually many PS2 games can output 720p (even 1080i in games like GT4). That's on way to buy XB360 unless she support 1080p!
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 05/17/06 10:00:07 AM]

M$ is completely wrong for thinking that in the game console world it is everything about the pricing and games.

In history, again and again, even though PS2 is more expensive than DreamCast, SEGA had lost her market from to Sony.

And again, Nitendo lost her market to PSP even though NDS is cheaper as well as featuring more so called "innovative" games.

The important is up until today, M$ still has no good games to drive her XBox sales, especially in the Asia-Pacific market. May be M$ should first take a look on Sony's award-winning games like EyeToy, Talkman, GT and Ace Escapes series and learn about "what really a console game should be!" before releasing next generation XBox
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 05/12/06 08:58:58 PM]

Eh, if you read enough Microsoft announcements, this is just a PR tactic. Its to taunt their enemies and such, as well as twist the consumer view in their favour by delibrately pointing out their weaknesses and continually talk about it. (They do it TO EVERYONE that stands in their way!)

Microsoft isn't a high-end quality company like General Electric, IBM, et. They're just a two-bit organisation with the loudest bark. (If you seriously believe Windows Vista will solve all your security problems, you either a non-techie person or a no-clue fool that is ready and waiting to take it up the rear from Microsoft...AGAIN!)

They will use every dirty trick in the book, when it comes to competition. They will say one thing, but do another. They don't have friends but "business partners". (as in, companies only sign up with them due to economic benefits)...But when the time passes and the contract is over, MS will screw over their partners when it feels the need. Think about their anti-trust cases: US, Europe and South Korea...If you were a company, would you honestly do business with company that has been convicted as a monopoly? What about known to easily crush the competition?

They're delibrately taunting Sony, because Sony's PS3 stands in their way.

They do the same to Google, because Google stands in their way. (Yahoo recently told them to f**k off, when asked to join them! You see?! MS has no friends!)

They do it to Blu-ray, because its backed by Sony...Which stands in their way of console market domination.

Hell, they do it to the MIT PC for African kids because its NOT running Windows!

They do it to Linux, because open-source IS a threat to Microsoft.

This is not something out of the blue or new Microsoft behaviour, this is a standard tactic that you will all learn by looking at Microsoft's history. If you stand in Microsoft's way, they'll do anything and everything to humilate and distract you.

How can you beat them?

Do something that's better than them by a mile, and keep going at it such that its so far ahead that they can't keep up. As well, treat others like how you want others to treat you. (Don't do what MS does and screw everyone and customers over for more money!)

The key thing is, Microsoft can't innovate for the life of them. All they can really do is continually pound into your heads that they do. Next time, if you see, read or hear a Microsoft presentation or announcement, count how many times they say the words: "innovation" or "innovative". You'll see what I mean. :-)

Will I buy a PS3?...Hell no. They say it'll come with Linux, but you're so restricted that you're better off grabbing a regular PC or some embedded board to do your "projects".

You will NOT have access to various APIs needed to be able to play with the Cell processor OR understand how Nvidia's implementation works. Essentially, you've got jackshit to play with. Its not gonna get popular with the Linux crowd, because history indicates they've essentially done the same tactic as before, with the PS2. That didn't pick up because no one is stupid enough to pay extra for a Linux kit for the PS2!

Nintendo is staying out of the argument, because everyone in the tech industry knows Microsoft is full of shit. All Nintendo wants to do, is offer something fun and different. (From a business perspective, this is taking a risk...But its a risk that seems to be paying off as the audience response with their E3 presentation has been positive...Better than both Sony AND Microsofts nonsense).

Microsoft is making Nintendo look like their friends against Sony. But they're really not. This is a three ring circus and MS is just using the same tactics they've always been using.

I think Nintendo is smart to stay out of this nonsense, and focusing on providing a balanced solution...Fun, different, and affordable. That's what the consumer wants.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 05/14/06 01:50:22 AM]


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