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The head of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe said in an interview that in nine months time Sony PlayStation 3 game console will win the battle against both Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. David Reeves did not explain the reasons why Sony PlayStation 3 will transform to the winner from the outsider of the new-generation console battle, but compared the popularity of the PS3 with tsunami, which makes one massive hit.

Sony PlayStation 3 "Winner" by March 2008

“PlayStation 3, you will see, will be far and away the winner when you look at it by March 2008. They really, really will. It’s something that is going to be a slow burner, and suddenly it's like a tsunami; it will just overtake you,” said Mr. Reeves in an interview with web-site.

Currently Sony PlayStation 3 game console is outsold by six to one by Nintendo Wii in Japan (data by Media Create), by four to one by Nintendo Wii in the U.S. (data by NPD Group) and by nearly two to one by Microsoft Xbox 360 in the USA. Even though Sony also manages to outsell Microsoft Corp.’s latest offering by about five to one in Japan, the company is still in such a difficult situation that departing Peter Moore, corporate vice president of the interactive entertainment business in the entertainment and devices division of Microsoft Corp., even called Sony’s business model “crumbling” in a recent interview.

“[…] Sony is getting outsold by what, 6-to-1 [in Japan]? You can bet that Sony built a long-term business plan about being successful in Japan and that business plan is crumbling,” Mr. Moore said in an interview with GameDaily Biz web-site.

No Holiday Season Win for Microsoft, Says Sony

But while Mr. Moore is confident about winning the holiday season in the USA with Xbox 360, Sony claims that Xbox 360, which outsold both PS3 and Wii combined in the U.S. in December, did not win the season (probably as it was outsold by PlayStation 2 by 23%, according to NPD) and will not win it this year. However, the European executive of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. does not declare whether the Xbox 360 will be outsold by PS3 or Wii.

“I know it's nice to focus on one year, but he said the same last year – ‘We’re going to win the holiday season’. But they didn’t, they missed that opportunity,” Mr. Reeves is reported to have said.

Mr. Reeves hopes that games released for the Sony PlayStation 3 game machine till March 2008 will actually help the platform, which is currently behind its two rivals both in terms of monthly sales as well as life to date sales.

“You can’t take a scattergun approach of putting all the games out. The Metal Gear Solids and the Gran Turismo franchises - you don’t have to put them out in November and December. You can put them out in January, March, April, whenever you like. A big game will move the platform,” he said.

Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3 are battling against each other to become the most successful new-generation game console. While PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 can boast with advanced technology inside, they cost from $499 - $599 and $299 - $479, respectively, whereas Nintendo Wii, which cannot be called the most technologically advanced game console to date, retails for $249 in the USA and also offers unique motion-sensitive controller.


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Mr. Reeves needs to check his calendar. He must think its April 1st today.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 07/17/07 03:07:39 PM]

Although i am a serious PC gamer i am pretty much an information sponge on the game universe -- read everything, see all videos, play the best of them -- and since i do not own any console myself, i am out of doubt no console brand fan boy... so dudes pls read nice what i write here:

So far the PS3 is not more than a wonder machine and when read GTA, Gran Turismo, FF, Crysis hits the market that late the already spread 360 will already be on sale for less than half the price of a PS3 -- oh but how about PS Home it will kick ass -- yeah as if MS would let that happen that easy without making their own version of the thing with all this time frame to play around.

Since the release of the FragFX to the PS3 i started to see a light in the end of the tunnel for me to stop spending 500 every year on upgrades to keep my PC rocking, but at the same time this light looks more like a growing train headlight.

To purchase a PS3 when we are about to be able to buy two 360 consoles for the price of one PS3 sounds nuts if we thing of the possibilities. And to end the talk, do anybody really thinks R6 Vegas was realy any better on the PS3 than on the 360?

So why the heck i still don't own a 360 then???
Well it's as easy to answer as why I will never quit shagging chicks...

One can't play with no wasd+mouse on it!
Double analog sticks suck amateur arse stink!!!
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 07/18/07 05:45:44 AM]
- collapse thread

Though I agree the PS3 has major delays and by the time it hits full swing it won't be as evolutionary in terms of hardware as it once was. But you must remember the long life cycles of the playstation series.

I think wii versus ps3 is a good argument since the wii is fun (sums it up pretty well), but 360 is terrible in terms of design and quality. So many hardware failures and scratched discs. It's basically one out of three on a shelf is broken. Do you really like the idea of buying console that makes you hold your breath every time you turn it on?
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 07/18/07 07:56:27 AM]

"Sony PlayStation 3 to Win the Next-Gen Console Battle in Nine Months"

With that Price?? Forget it. Not in nine Months...!

I bet he keeps telling that to himsef when he wakes up every morning and stares at the mirror glued to te ceiling in his bedroom.
How much more in Denial can you be.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 07/18/07 09:10:41 AM]


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