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CORRECTION: Correcting life-to-date sales numbers, making other minor corrections.

Plagued by initial production issues, extremely high manufacturing costs and excessive retail price, PlayStation 3 from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. is even less successful than heavily-criticized Nintendo GameCube. At least, in the first ten months of sales Nintendo GameCube was sold in larger quantities than Sony PS3.

According to data from NPD, based on the first ten months of availability, the troubled PlayStation 3 sold 22% less than the Nintendo GameCube for the same period, reports GamePro web-site. In the first ten months of availability about 2.12 million Nintendo GameCube were bought by end-users, whereas only 1.742 million Sony PlayStation 3 gaming machines were sold in from November ’06 to September ’07.

Nintendo GameCube was released in November 2001 and sold in 21.6 million quantity worldwide, below sales of Microsoft Xbox, which reached 24 million, and five times less compared to Sony PlayStation 2.

Sony PlayStation 3 is currently available at $599 in the U.S., the price-point that is widely considered to be too high. Despite of the fact that Sony’s PS3 comes with built-in Blu-ray drive and features high-quality graphics games, the price is believed to be one of the major factors that keep gamers away from PlayStation 3. By contrast, Nintendo’s GameCube could offer neither DVD playback, nor high-quality graphics, nor unique motion-sensitive game controller, like that of Nintendo Wii.

Sony PlayStation 3 console is based on the Cell processor developed by IBM, Sony and Toshiba, the RSX graphics chip by Nvidia Corp., wireless network and Bluetooth connectivity and is equipped with Blu-ray optical disk drive. There are several versions of the consoles available around the world with 60GB or 80GB hard disk drives and variable compatibility with PlayStation 1/2 games. In the U.S. PlayStation 3 80GB is sold for $599, whereas the hard-to-find 60GB model retails for $499.


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Nintendo weren't selling another far cheaper console as well though. Sony are still selling huge amounts of PS2s and the fact that they are still supporting the PS2 means that uptake of the PS3 is bound to be slowed. At the end of the day Sony are still selling more home consoles every month in the US than Microsoft are.
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xbots are out in full force tonight
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Still early days yet... the massive exclusive list and price cuts should increase sales of PS3.
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I have a 360, and even speinding $400 was a stretch (and I'm 31 yrs. old.) No way am I shellin gout $600 for a console with 1 controller, no games, and poor software availability even after a year. Sony's name is starting to go down the tubes after the whole lithium-ion batter issues, late and pricey PS3, and now no games for it. I owned and enjoyed my $300 PS2 and would have done it again, but only because it has such a strong software following. Sort of like buying a Betamax with no movies to watch, defeats the purpose.
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Good old history repeating itself. When Nintendo was at the top of the heap with the NES/SNES they got greedy and kept using expensive cartidges for the N64 (Disclaimer: I have NES/SNES/N64/GameCube/Wii). Developers quickly moved to the cheaper-to-make-games-on PS. It took Nintendo a few systems but it seems like they are finally back thinking about gamers and developers.

There were signs of Sony becoming arrogant in making quirky, difficult-to-work-with-hardware for the PS2. It eventually worked out for them but when they announced they were using even stranger hardware with the PS3, it became apparent they were suffering from Nintendo-itis. Or perhaps Kutaragi-itis?

There is no way I would've payed the $659 CAD to buy a system with one good game at launch. I don't think they gained any goodwill in Canada by RAISING the price about a month after it came out to $700 either. Even now there isn't much that is worth the $659 CAD they want me to shell out, though the impending $400 version for the Blu-ray player alone is getting tempting.

I have many friend with Wiis and 360s (I have both) but no one I know has a PS3.
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