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All video game consoles increased their sold-through in November ’07, says NPD group. While Sony PlayStaion 3 demonstrated unprecedented sales increase, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360 still demonstrated higher numbers.

According to the data that was released by NPD, Nintendo managed to sell through approximately 981 thousand Nintendo Wii game consoles, while Microsoft Xbox 360 was preferred by 770 thousand gamers. Sony PlayStation 3 quadrupled its sales figures and Sony managed to sell-through 466 thousand of its premium game systems; nevertheless, Sony PlayStation 2 was still more successful compared to its successor with nearly half a million of consoles sold.

In overall, unit sales of non-portable game console hardware increased by 127% from October and were up 46% from November, 2006.

Nintendo maintains its control of the market of portable game consoles with 1.53 million of Nintendo DS sold through, whereas sales of Sony PlayStation Portable increased to 567 thousand of devices acquired by end-users. Sales increases were mostly driven by approaching holiday season as no new models were introduced and no price-cuts made.

It is remarkable that Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. managed to boost sales of its latest video game system to the level of December 2006, which may indicate that this December the company may sell even more of its PlayStation 3 game consoles. However, the main reason behind the extraordinary raise of sales was the introduction of PS3 40GB model and it is still unclear whether customers will continue to purchase the system that costs $399, a not really low price-point, with no backwards compatibility and with limited amount of games available.


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PS3 got a nice sales spike thanks to the launch of the 40gig PS3 lite but they've played all their cards now, they can't drop anymore of the price for the foreseeable future so it's down to them to start delivering games.

MS on the other hand could easily price drop and start a spike of their own.
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Why is it we only hear about U.S. sales???

The PS3 has been outselling the Xbox 360 every week since Oct. 13th, 2007 in the PAL territories (Europe, Australia, some Asian countries).

Why is it that this fact never makes the news???

Only U.S. sales matter? The rest of the world doesn't count?

Why does a U.S. citizen have to be the one to bring up this issue? Aren't citizens of PAL countries the least bit interested?
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