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Despite of the recent decisions by Time Warner-owned studios, Microsoft Corp., the world’s leading maker of software, remains committed to HD DVD format, but may still consider an add-on Blu-ray drive for its popular Microsoft Xbox 360 game console.

Recently Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema, two major studios from Hollywood, announced that starting from mid-2008 they would only release high-definition movies on Blu-ray discs, a competing format for HD DVD. Given that Sony-led Blu-ray will have more major studios backing, many think that HD DVD, which was developed by Toshiba, will vanish into thin air. But Microsoft disagrees.

“We were disappointed with the announcement. It has a consequence. I will tell you that we are committed to HD-DVD and still have some great partners – Universal, Paramount, DreamWorks – these are great participants in the format. We have sold very well the HD-DVD accessory,” said Jeff Bell, corporate vice president of global marketing for Microsoft’s interactive entertainment business, said in an interview with 1up web-site.

Microsoft, a strong backer of HD DVD, developed HDi technology, which powers interactive capabilities many discs have, as well as VC-1 codec that is used on both Blu-ray discs as well as HD DVDs. In fact, the world’s largest software maker could have pushed HD DVD forward easily by distributing multimedia-oriented Windows Vista operating system on HD DVD media, forcing system builders to integrate HD DVD drives into their computers. But the move is not announced now and is generally unlikely to happen. Instead, Microsoft says that eventually a Blu-ray disc add-on for Xbox 360 may emerge.

“You never say never. I think we’d like to see how things evolve. Our commitment, however, to HD-DVD is profound and consistent, and we have done very, very well in term of our accessory sales. We have 400 HD-DVD movies from great studios available. It's a long time between now and June,” said Mr. Bell.


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M$ also believes in Vista...look how well things are going.
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if you mean that it has been sold morecopies in the first 9 months than XP did when it was released, then yes i suppose they are happy with vista...
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 01/30/08 04:50:56 PM]
Actually, taking into account the growth of the PC industry since XP was released, Vista is selling very poorly by comparison.
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You'd think Microsoft was in touch with computing. Blu-ray has taken off compared to HD-DVD as recordable drives for computers. Why? Blu-ray offers more storage and higher read/write speeds - why would any afficianado want less and slower?

Disks available now - 4x 50GB Blu-ray or 1x 30 GB HD-DVD
Disks available in the future - 200GB Blu-ray or 51GB HD-DVD
Drives available now - 6x Blu-ray or 3x HD-DVD
Combo drives available now - will write to Blu-ray but only read HD-DVD

For computing, Blu-ray is winning the public due to being a faster/higher capacity format. What is wrong with Microsoft?
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blu-ray = bd+ (virtual machine with potential rootkit), rommark, regional coding = drm shit everywhere
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 02/03/08 06:41:35 AM]


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