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Microsoft Corp. launched its Xbox 360 game console only four years after it released original Xbox, but that is not going to happen in case of the latest video game system, according to a vice president of Microsoft Game Studios. Apparently, the world’s largest maker of software expects its Xbox 360 to have a very long life-cycle.

Traditionally game console developers unveil video game consoles once in about five years and utilizing latest technologies to enable dramatic improvements of experience and quality of games. However, the success of Nintendo Wii, which features outdated graphics and does not provide very simplistic features like DVD playback, may actually force Microsoft and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. to reconsider their priorities and release next-generation game consoles sooner than expected. If this happens, next-generation PlayStation and Xbox would not feature components with breakthrough features and performance, but would be substantially more consumer friendly.

“For strategic reasons, we launched the 360 four years after original… Our belief is that the Xbox 360 will have a very long life cycle. It is much different than the original Xbox,” said Microsoft studios’ corporate vice Shane Kim told New York Times reporter Seth Schiesel, reports web-site.

Microsoft released its Xbox 360 in November, 2005, therefore, its replacement should normally be ready by late 2010, which means that the company has to make all the design decisions this year. But by prolonging life-cycle of the Xbox 360 Microsoft shows confidence that its Xbox 360 will still be able to deliver great gaming experience even in 2010.

Ken Kutaragi, the former chief of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., said prior to the launch of the PlayStation 3 that it would have ten years lifetime.


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There will be more defective 360's than sold ones by then!! lol
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 02/10/08 01:29:27 AM]

hd dvd dead means 360 is dead, fire sale on hd add ons anyone? Sony won the big boys console war without breaking a sweat (or 33% of their consoles)RROD. A new xbox will be out before 2010 but with Microsofts reputation for shoddy products who will buy? Wii for casual gamers, PS3 for an all round hi-def games machine and media center, with these on offer why buy a lump of badly made noisy M$ plastic that you have to pay to use online and might not last through the opening cutscene of a game .
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 02/10/08 04:01:52 PM]

The Xbox 360 will not likely be reliable until they release the "Jasper" version, which has the cooler GPU reduced down to 65nm in September 2008. In addition, the 360 is long overdue for a price reduction (of significant size). The 360's reliability reputation is so bad worldwide that I am not sure if MS can salvage the 360's reliability reputation. MS is losing so much money on broken 360's that this could be the reason why MS cannot afford to drop the price.

Sony will also reduce the size of the GPU in the PS3 down to 65nm later this year. When this happens, you can expect Sony to reduce the price as well.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 02/11/08 10:33:55 PM]


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