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Sony Corp. has stopped offering versions of PlayStation 3 game consoles compatible with games developed for PlayStation and PlayStation 2 in its online Sony Style stores in the USA and the UK. As a result, those who want to play older games on the latest system from Sony have to hurry up to pick the unit, which is most likely set to be discontinued.

The only Sony PlayStation 3 system available through Sony Style in the United States and United Kingdom now is PS3 40GB model for $399/£299 that cannot be used to play older games developed for the original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 systems. Previously available PS3 80GB and 60GB models, which relied on software-based emulation to play older titles, are no longer available due to their end-of-life.

Back in late January it was reported that Sony was preparing a new PlayStation 3 model for the U.S. with enlarged storage as well as a new controller with vibration feature, but ahead of the new model launch the older one was to be discontinued. While it was not revealed whether the new system would be backwards compatible, it is highly likely that no backwards-compatible PS3s are incoming as Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) is very interested in making consumers buy games designed for PlayStation 3, which is likely to catalyze developers to create more new titles for SCEI’s latest platform.

Sony Computer Entertainment claims that cutting-down backwards compatibility with PlayStation 2 is not something completely negative, as growing library of games developed for the advanced new-generation game system should substitute the lack of previous titles. Moreover, not a lot of gamers would like to play older titles developed for standard-definition TVs on brand-new high-definition televisions. But while these points may be correct for so-called hardcore gamers, which play a great variety of games, casual customers who currently own a PlayStation 2 have no reason to transit to the new-gen console due to the lack of casual games for PS3. As a result, they may migrate to Nintendo Wii, which features unique motion sensitive controller as well as a relatively rich library of simplistic games.

Sony PlayStation 3 console is based on the Cell processor developed by IBM, Sony and Toshiba, the RSX graphics chip by Nvidia Corp., wireless network and Bluetooth connectivity and is equipped with Blu-ray optical disk drive.


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Ugh... have to pick up one quick then.

Though on the other hand, it doesn't sound like Sony is interested in continuing to improve the software emulation. Might just pick up a PS2 now and wait on the PS3.

Way to go Sony, you achieved the opposite effect with this consumer :)
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 02/22/08 01:49:53 PM]

Well all i can say is this is a big big disappointment for me. I already own a PS3 with backwards compatibility and that was one of the massive strengths of it as I love to play my old PS2 games. I have no intention of buying anymore as I prefer to buy PS3 games (I have 18 of them already within 8 months). However with this dickish move I think I’ll be moving over to the xbox360, at least they know how to not screw over their fans..... we even bought a 46" X series bravia last month out of our love for SONY products. All I can say is you obviously have no clue what your fan/player base is and your digging yourself a hole that you might not be able to crawl yourself out of. Smarten up SONY : (.
0 0 [Posted by: Synboi  | Date: 08/31/08 02:25:51 AM]

playstaion loses backward compatibility
xbox doesnt come with movie player and charges for online play
wii is for children and fat people who think theyre getting exercise
lets face it they all screwed up. but thats the game. they just want you to own all of them why else are there system specific games its just a damn game and we're the pawns
0 0 [Posted by: jumpyoufools  | Date: 11/23/08 01:47:35 AM]

No backwards compatibility anymore?

are they retarded or what? What's next? a new PS3 model that doesn't read DVD, and you can't play any DVD movie (original or copy) in the PS3, based on "DVD's are old, buy Blu Ray" ?

coming from Sony I wouldn't be surprised.
0 0 [Posted by: SuperSZ  | Date: 03/18/09 01:29:42 PM]

Know this comment is a little late, but at Synboi (#8) I find nothing at all wrong with Xbox 360. Yes, you have to pay for online, but I have no problem doing so seeing as it's MUCH better than PS3 and Wii's online community, also, it's really not that much. I get 12+1 month cards for $28 on a site online, so I'm paying about $2.15 per month which really isn't that much considering it's so much better than any other online experience. And what do you mean it doesn't come with a movie player? It can play any DVD Movie from a store, as well as stream movies from your PC, and play .avi, .wmv, .mpeg, and other formats straight from a disc. Sure, it can't play HD-DVD's, but who really cares. I'd prefer keeping my Xbox 360 in my room and playing it on my monitor, and watching Blu-Ray/HDDVD's through my PC's Bluray/HDDVD Drive either on my monitor or on my TV. PS3 not being backwards compatible is what really sucks, and Wii sucks for its crappy graphics, and it's not really the game console I'd be looking for seeing as I don't want to play family games, I'm more interested in GTA IV, COD, Halo, and those types of games not available on Wii, and when they are they are very horrible gameplay.
0 0 [Posted by: ferrari91169  | Date: 07/17/09 02:19:16 PM]


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