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The Walt Disney Company said that even despite of the fact that sales of Blu-ray discs (BDs) represent only a fraction among sales of movies, the new-generation high-definition media will overtake conventional DVDs in just two years from now.

“Consumers will adopt the new technology much sooner than we think. It's right on the verge of becoming really big in the U.S., where in two years Blu-ray will eclipse DVDs,” said David Jessen, Disney vice-president of Blu-ray and DVD creative production, in an interview with the Toronto Star news-paper.

Blu-ray has won the battle against HD DVD standard earlier this year after Warner Bros. reportedly received hundreds of millions-worth incentives from the Blu-ray disc association (BDA). But there is the war that Blu-ray must win against DVD, the de-facto home entertainment video format.

According to some estimates, there are about 800 Blu-ray titles on the U.S. market, meanwhile, there are between 90 and 100 thousands of DVD titles. Obviously, the format that features more content will be the dominant on the market, which means that it will be extremely hard for Blu-ray to take over DVD on the mainstream market.

In addition, Blu-ray disc players as well as movies cost more than DVD players and titles, which again makes them unpopular among many end-users seeking to reduce their spending amid the current market situation.

But there are good news for Blu-ray. It is indisputable fact that high-definition movies look much better compared to DVD titles on high-definition televisions or monitors. Prices for large HDTVs and Blu-ray disc players are constantly decreasing in price, which means that at some point they will be able to either rival or substitute cheap HDTVs and DVD players, which would automatically skyrocket popularity of the technology.

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Nothing but wishful thinking
0 0 [Posted by: alpha0ne  | Date: 10/14/08 09:14:29 PM]

Blu-Ray taking over DVD in two years would not happen. To many people still have a working DVD player. Computers still can not decode HD easily and cheaply. In two years, I will still buy DVD only if I like the movie or TV show a lot and I can see my self watching it over and over again. There are other forms of media distributing that studios need to think about. One is and the other is gives me the ability to watch the shows that I have missed or my DVR did not record. is like itunes, but the video format can be viewable on any media player.

Yes, Blu-Ray has high resolution, but it did not reel me in like it did with other people. The thing I do not like about Blu-Ray is that it is completely an encryption format and making customers being stated as criminals that everybody is stupidly is saying yes. The wallet is the voting for which product that you like (paying) or dislike (not paying). I vote no by not buying Blu-Ray.
0 0 [Posted by: jmurbank  | Date: 10/15/08 02:54:01 AM]

dude get a life... blu ray is the future no matter what u say... its getting popular... everyone who has a PS3 has a blu ray... and almost every new computer can decode HD easily... so i think the blu ray will be popular by next year...
0 0 [Posted by: PFX  | Date: 10/16/08 03:45:09 AM]


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