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Even though Microsoft Corp. has demonstrated its motion-sensing code-named Natal controller using presently available Xbox 360 video games, the company is unlikely to update current titles to work with the forthcoming device. The bottom line: no Halo titles for hardcore Xbox 360 fans.

Kudo Tsunoda, the general manager of Microsoft Games Studios, said in an interview with Destructoid web-site that it was not likely that Microsoft would patch existing games to work with Natal motion-sensing controller. Even though Microsoft was able to alter other publisher's titles to work with the hardware, a significant amount of code had to be re-written, which means that an update would not be enough and the titles would need to be re-released.

Even though Mr. Tsunoda did not provide any explanations why a “patch approach” would not work, one of the reasons may be very simple: Microsoft Xbox 360 “Core” and “Arcade” versions do not have internal hard disk drives and it is simply not possible to update games without local storage. Another reason could be in complexities of title development and re-development for controller-less gaming.

Sony Computer Entertainment has promised to patch some of the titles for PlayStation 3 in order to make them work with Sony’s motion-sensing game controller.

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