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Even though many consumer electronics companies believe in the bright future for stereoscopic 3D technologies, leading maker of video game consoles, Nintendo, does not think that stereo 3D gaming will become popular. According to the chief exec of the company, necessity to wear glasses as well as uncertain health effects of active shutter glasses will not allow to make stereo 3D technologies popular.

''I have doubts whether people will be wearing glasses to play games at home. How is that going to look to other people?” asked Satoru Iwata, the head of Nintendo, in an interview with Associated Press.

Both rivals of Nintendo – Microsoft Corp. and Sony Corp. – are promoting stereoscopic 3D gaming with their Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game consoles. Nevertheless, Nintendo seems to be ignoring stereo 3D gaming for many reasons. An obvious motive to downplay stereo 3D for Nintendo is the lack of graphics processing horsepower in the Wii console. Besides, Mr. Iwata said that Nintendo would also have to look into the possible health effects of longtime stereo 3D game playing, which is likely to last longer than a two-hour movie.

Nintendo Wii game console is the least powerful system of this generation. Still, it is also the most successful one thanks to motion-sensing game controller as well as simplistic casual games. Later this year both Microsoft and Sony introduce their own motion-sensing controllers, which will add pressure on Nintendo.

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I agree with Nintendo, stereoscopic 3D is not something to support if gamer(s) have to wear extra hardware to play games. When I watched the movie Avator in fake 3D, most of the time it was in 2D. Also the quality of the movie went to poor because the glasses reduced vibrant colors down to lower than standard definition. Stereoscopic 3D is just a marketing hype. It will slowly fad away because it does not work for majority of the people.

If Nintendo changes their minds, stereoscopic 3D or fake 3D will work better for their games compared to other consoles that care for detail. Stereoscopic 3D works well with simplistic content which Nintendo Wii renders. The Wii console does not need to upgrade the hardware to handle stereoscopic 3D because it just needs a software upgrade.
0 0 [Posted by: electro  | Date: 02/01/10 02:08:08 PM]
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This is bull. I am sure some people refused to go to the beach at some point, just because they "have to wear those goofy glasses". And what did you expect from Nintendo? Of course they will say they wont support stereo, it's a console for grannys! People who use wii, won't be able even to see 3D
common nintendo, let some real consoles lead the field with the exciting technologies, and stay with your market of 60+ year olds.

BTW, Electro - you are clueless. Avatar in fake 3D??? Just because 3D is done right, and not overdone like those clowns from 60s, or some other companies are doing, does not mean it is Fake! Maybe you cannot see 3D at all, you are not alone, about 5% of the population suffers just like you.
0 0 [Posted by: scouser  | Date: 02/02/10 11:33:58 AM]

Adding to electro's comment, I would even say that the Wii does not even need stereoscopic 3D.

Why the Wii is successful is because it does not require much more than pressing at most, ONE button, releasing it, and doing natural body movement.
It does not require you to wear special equipment to enjoy a game, and it does not rely on high quality of graphics.
Xbox360 and PS3 heavily relies on great graphics, and mainly on players who already got a habit of playing video games.

As a player of videogames, I hate to say this, but videogames are going toward the casual way.
That is to say, games that are easy to get the grasp of, that you can play a game of quickly, without a hassle.
0 0 [Posted by: Kurata  | Date: 02/01/10 10:45:09 PM]
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Yes, exactly to my point of Wii being for grannies
0 0 [Posted by: scouser  | Date: 02/02/10 11:34:31 AM]

The Wii not requiring special equipment - what do you call the thing you have to hold in your hand? Surely in your purist view only natal can provide the answer as it requires you to hold nothing.

A pair of glasses are much less cumbersome then a wii controller as they don't use your hands hence the reason people can wear glasses while doing most activities. While I agree there are arguments against 3D - it makes you feel sick, hardware costs more, etc - the "I have to wear a pair of glasses" one seems pretty weak to say the least.
0 0 [Posted by: Dribble  | Date: 02/02/10 02:34:53 AM]


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