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Photography has been developing for over 150 years now, whereas mobile phones have been on the market for about thirty years. According to Nokia, the latter will replace single-lens reflex cameras in the coming years, moreover, in the following twelve months mobile phones will be able to shoot high-definition videos.

“[Mobile phones] will in the very near future revolutionize the market for system cameras. There will be no need to carry around those heavy lenses," said Anssi Vanjoki, executive vice president of markets at Nokia, said at an event, reports Reuters news-agency.

The evolution of cameras inside mobile phones has been tremendous in the last seven years, but so has been the evolution of handheld cameras. Since the latter still offer higher picture quality than the cell phones, the market of digital still cameras continues to grow. However, it seems that Nokia believes that SLR cameras and mobile phones will soon achieve good-enough levels and this will revolutionize the markets of still cameras.

In addition, Mr. Vanjoki implied that high-definition video recording was also coming to cell-phones within the next twelve months.

“It will not take long, less than a year, when phones can record HD quality video and you can transfer it directly to your HD television set," said the high-ranking Nokia executive.

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Now come on, this can't be serious. I have yet to see a cellphone camera, that can deliver a sharp, noiseless picture. Not to mention having decent flash and optical zoom.

I see camera sensors are not evolving very fast in the terms of image quality. Manufacters are concentrating more on faster data readout for HD video and software tricks to mask noise. Unless there is some revolution in camera sensors ahead, i cannot see cellphones getting to the point of having same image quality and options like compact camera... not to mention DSLR.

In the case of image sensors, size definitely does matter.
Oh and HD video... DSLRs are not for HD video
0 0 [Posted by: zerogreat  | Date: 04/20/10 11:51:09 PM]

Why post this nonsense?
0 0 [Posted by: CSMR  | Date: 04/21/10 01:29:04 AM]


Nokia, your key competitors are iphone, android phone etc, not Nikon or Canon. It is disgusting to make bold but nonsense comments in Steve Jobs style. If this is the general view of Nokia that its phones can replace DSLR camera in the near future, I'd suggest investors to dump its stock right now.

Or, it meant SLR, not DSLR?? :-P
0 0 [Posted by: bigu2010  | Date: 04/21/10 03:42:54 AM]

I agree that what that Nokia exec said sounds like a bunch of crap. A cell phone camera may be handy but it's no real replacement, can't get near the same quality like zerogreat said. Plus you don't have as much fun as lugging around your massive lens! Shooting thing!

One thing though is that there is new censor tech coming out if you like photo-geek stuff like this
0 0 [Posted by: somidiot  | Date: 04/21/10 02:05:29 PM]


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