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Even though the market of inexpensive applications for mobile devices is on the rise, Nintendo plans to focus on fully-fledged titles, just like Sony Computer Entertainment. According to Reggie Fils-Aime of Nintendo, inexpensive simplistic titles pose more risks to the digital entertainment industry as the public gets confident that a mobile game should cost several dollars.

"Angry Birds is a great piece of experience, but that is one compared to thousands of other pieces of content that for one or two dollars I think create a mentality for the consumer that a piece of gaming content should only be $2," said Reggie Fils-Aimed, the president of Nintendo America, in an interview, reports Gamasutra web-site.

Fully-fledged games for mobile platforms like Nintendo DS/3DS or Sony PlayStation Portable cost $35 - $45, but small apps for Apple iPhone or Google Android are priced at $1 - $2. But the quality of such content is vastly different; if games for fully-fledged consoles are developed for a long time by teams of professionals and provide hours of game-play, then games for a dollar can be created in a couple of days and offer extremely simplistic experience.

"I think some of those games are actually overpriced at $1 or $2, but that's a different story," added Mr. Fils-Aime.

According to unofficial reports, Sony Computer Entertainment wants game developers to further improve quality of games for its next-generation PlayStation Portable console.

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Yeah right, the only cost difference between the cheap and expensive game is caused by the man-hours.

Compared to them corporate overhead, advertising budgets, "campaign contributions" to legislators for even stricter "intellectual" property rights regulations, dividend payments to stockholders and so on are negligible costs. So a super mario title should cost $40. That's fair.
1 0 [Posted by: eleman  | Date: 02/08/11 08:01:47 AM]

Nintendo realize that some of those inexpensive titles are offering a game experience close to many rubbish games (but full priced) available for her systems.

A good title does not need to explain why it can cost more than 30$, gamers can see that and will spread the word to other gamers to buy it as well.

Console makers like nintendo are afraid of better pricing because they set a real high price for games available in their systems.
Since now the only competitor was the PC, because a title which cost about 60$ for example in PS3 can be found 20-30$ cheaper in PC, or even better can drop bellow 15$ after a year or so.
This was not a reason to fear of course, they made everyone believe that computer gaming is cheaper in titles but you need to spend a lot of money to make a gaming system (a lie, today you can make a good system with about 500$) so they was able to keep their shares high.
Now that the trend of app which cut them off a good amount of potential customers in handheld gaming, is finding each way into the computers world.

Steam for example had made really easy to buy and install a game in your computer.

Console makers are afraid, and they fight to breath.

0 0 [Posted by: nitro912gr  | Date: 02/08/11 01:20:01 PM]
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Good point. Nintendo says that "games for fully-fledged consoles are developed for a long time by teams of professionals and provide hours of game-play", bu I think that nobody at Nintendo played Anubis, or any other crappy game that is available on Wii. Those games are priced at around 30$ in my local game store, but they are worth less than games for 1$ for my Android phone. Of course not all Wii games are like that, but there is a lot of crapware available on that console.
On the other hand, I prefer to play games on consoles (I have X360, PSP and Wii) and leave my PC for other things, like watching movies, doing some work, etc., so I think that choosing between PC gaming or Console gaming is more about what suits someone best, not about what gives you better performance per $.
0 0 [Posted by: knedle  | Date: 02/08/11 01:38:06 PM]

Yes, they are detrimental for the quality of the products that the game industry offers BUT there should be REAL competition out there.

And if there are idiots willing to shove 1 or 2 $ for a crappy game for their phone .. so be it.

If there are idiots willing to pay 30$ for a crappy WII game ,so be it.

Its Nintendo's job to MAKE SURE that the prices for crappy WII games is NOT so high. They should understand that even if their commission will be smaller , they should reach an agreement with the developer and say : "Guys, your game isn't worth more than 15$ so, if you want us to agree and let you sell it for our consoles, you'd better lower the price." No matter if Nintendo will win less money if the game is simpler.
0 0 [Posted by: East17  | Date: 02/09/11 01:04:40 AM]


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