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Nintendo is already showing off prototypes of its next-generation non-portable game console to game developers in a bid to attract their attention and ensure they have enough time to create titles, according to a media report. The system is allegedly due in late 2012 and will be showcased first at this year's E3 show. While it is late for Nintendo to release an HD console in 2012, it may make a lot sense.

The new home console from Nintendo, which the company reportedly currently demos to game designers, is capable of running video games at high-definition resolutions, but it is not clear whether the system is capable of rendering in 720p (1280x720) or 1080p (1920x1080), several sources of GameInformer web-site revealed. Other capabilities of the console are unclear, but it is likely that the company will continue to add consumer-oriented features in a bid to make casual gamers who bought Wii to get the new system as well.

"Nintendo is doing this one right. [It's] not a gimmick like the Wii," said an anonymous source.

The game console designer is projected to launch the new game console, which will succeed Wii, in time for the holiday season 2012. The firm had already started to showcase the system to game developers in a bid to get them  interested and give them enough time to develop third-party titles for the launch. The general public will, according to the report, first see the new console at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) trade show, which will take place June 7-9, 2011, in Los Angeles, California.

The next-gen Nintendo console is projected to be based on a quad-core Marvell Armada system-on-chip that is compliant with ARM architecture, will feature integrated Blu-ray reader and will sport "a mobile projector of some sort", according to some media reports. The rumoured specifications do not seem to be credible, though. Nintendo used microprocessors based on IBM's Power architecture as well as proprietary optical disc standards for both GameCube and Wii consoles and it is not very likely that the company decides to radically change its approach with the next-generation console. Interestingly, but the rumoured console even does not have a code-name.

It is tremendously late for Nintendo to release a high-definition video-game console in 2012, but there are scenarios in which it makes a lot of sense.

Nintendo Wii will have the shortest life-cycle of six years in the current generation, similar to that of Nintendo GameCube. If the information that Microsoft Corp. and Sony Corp. only intend to release next-gen systems in 2015 and 2016, respectively, is correct, then in case the next-gen Nintendo provides significantly improved graphics quality and overall user experience, it will have three years of successful sales without competition. When Microsoft releases its next Xbox in 2015 (which will likely beat Nintendo's offering technologically), the hypothetical Wii 2 will have a broad portfolio of games, low price and reputation among consumers. As a result, the console will quite easily sell in good numbers for years. While the system will absolutely be beaten by Sony's PlayStation 4 in 2016, it will have to survive for one holiday season and two years before the next refresh in 2018.

Of course, such a good scenario will only work if Nintendo ensures that the next-generation home console provides significantly better user experience compared to the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 in terms of graphics quality, quality and availability of games from Nintendo and third-parties, availability of content services and many other factors. Besides, Nintendo will have to ensure that game designers receive appropriate tools and support.

Nintendo did not comment on the news-story.

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If it comes out with weaker hardware then the PS3 or Xbox360 then it will be a dud from launch, as it wont even be able to compete on price.

It must at least be twice as fast in every way and come with a 28nm "DirectX 11" GPU from AMD or Nvidia due later in the year.

Watch how Sony and Microsoft bring forward the next gen consol release dates if the wii 2 does come out with impressive DX11 hardware.

I think we will see Sony and MS both moving over to next gen 22nm intel Iveybridge or AMD Bulldozer cores with 28nm AMD or Nvidia Graphics for the next gen consoles

They have leapfrogged all other tech and are now pretty much the only option for graphical power, and nothing else can come close as an alternative option..
0 0 [Posted by: vid_ghost  | Date: 04/14/11 09:13:43 PM]
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Radeon 6670 is more than twice as fast than xenos in Xbox360.
Xenos has only 3 simds, each with 80SP-s(etc 240) at 500MHz. So it wont be hard.
0 0 [Posted by: Zool  | Date: 04/15/11 04:47:11 AM]
So wrong on so many levels vid_ghost

1) Sony and Microsoft cannot afford to bring forward new hardware as they have invested so much in current user base, any new hardware will risk alienating customers. Sony and MS were going after Nintendo's market with move controls.

2) Nintendo has saturated the family market so there only have market share to gain by launching new hardware.

3) Your insane if you think any console maker will put x86 inside a games console, the last time that happened was the Xbox and it was pirated/modded to an extreme degree.

4) Nitendo can launch a more powerful games console and their own in house games may look better but the bulk of third party games will still be constrained by the PS3/360.
0 0 [Posted by: Professor Freeze  | Date: 04/16/11 05:22:12 AM]

I feel that Nintendo might screw up by releasing a next-generation system before its competitors do, it was ahead of the curve with motion sensors in the Wii, yet Sony and Microsoft got their acts together and caught up and surpassed the Wii, but if happens, I do have a shopping list for what I would like to see them include.

Google TV/Android App Support/DVD-Blu Ray
Imagine a system like the Sony PS3 which is a multimedia hub connected to your TV. Now take that and let third party developers create a better experience through the Android Market by figuring out things to do with your TV that Nintendo can't even think of. Add Google TV for the best TV experience on the web and the console will no longer be part of the living room but now the center of the living room. Added bonus let users download an App for their Android device so they use it as a remote control

3D Support
Even if consumers aren't ready, TV and smartphone makers are pushing 3D hard. To keep this machine future proof, 3D support will be 100% necessary, if not I already see a whole for Microsoft, Sony, and maybe even Apple.

Motion Support
I think its time to ditch the controls. I think its time for Nintendo to one-up Microsoft with the motion control, but still sell controllers for games that would benefit, personally, I would still want a steering wheel to play Mario Kart.
0 0 [Posted by: mrmet12  | Date: 04/14/11 10:21:59 PM]

Lets look at whats happened so far

WII released november 19 2005 with motion sensor controller.

XBOX 360 November 22 2005, Kinect (add-on) was released on October 19 2010 (5 years later)

PS3 November 11, 2006 PlayStation Move It (add-on) was released on September 2010 (4 years later)

PS3 and XBOX 360 were far more powerful than the WII when released years ago but the WII out sold both of them twice over around the world for along time. Sony and Microsoft could only answer back with something similar 5 years later.

This shows that power is the least of Nintendo`s thinking as it`s the `easiest` thing to do. What is more important is playability and Innovation, in other words choice outside the normal thinking.

Nintendo must already know they have this as the article says it will have three years of successful sales without competition.
0 0 [Posted by: efex  | Date: 04/15/11 01:28:19 AM]
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Wii was release in November 2006. Other than that I agree.
0 0 [Posted by: ET3D  | Date: 04/16/11 02:44:45 AM]

My feeling is that Nintendo will use a vanilla (but high end) ARM solution, which means that it won't be more powerful than the other current consoles, but will allow porting their existing games to the new console. Success will then depend on pricing and "gimmicks", but it will at least allow the new console to be used for more hardcore gaming, while providing the casual crowd with better graphics.

Personally I'll find it appealing if it's compatible with Wii games and provides Blu-ray playback. I'm not all that hopeful, considering that Wii didn't offer DVD playback, and that if it's indeed ARM based then compatibility won't be trivial. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Edit: Rumour has it that the new console will be compatible with Wii titles.
0 0 [Posted by: ET3D  | Date: 04/16/11 02:50:07 AM]

The wii was a overclocked gamecube with a new control system, so any possibility of nintendo of releasing half decent hardware are slim.
I have a feeeling nintendo have been buying RROD xbox's at discount price. so my predition is they are going to release a downclocked xbox 360 with more ram and updated wii controls (ps3 move). they will pakage it in a nice new slim case and sell it for $500. the extra conrols for 2 player will cost you another $120. oh and you will have to rebuy all your wii games from the nintendo store because it will not be backwards compatiable.
0 0 [Posted by: imi2003  | Date: 04/16/11 04:58:45 AM]


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