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Sony Corp. on Friday said that it had sold 50 million units of its PlayStation 3 game console and also shipped 8 million of PlayStation Move motion-sensing controllers. It took Sony about four and half years to achieve the 50 million milestone for PS3 and still the console is the worst-selling system in this generation.

As of March 29, 2011, sold-in (to retailers) number of Sony PlayStation 3 game console surpassed 50 million units. As of April 3. 2011, Sony itself sold 8 million of its Move motion-sensing controllers for the PS3, which allow to play specially-developed games. Since Sony reports the number of units it shipped to its partners, it is unknown how many of PS3s and Moves were actually purchased by the end-users, but it is clear that the numbers are close.

Sony PlayStation 3 was released in November 2006 and therefore it took the company around 4 years and six months to sell 50 million units. By contrast, Sony Computer Entertainment managed to sell 50 million of PS2 consoles worldwide in about 2 years and 10 months. With strong support from 3rd party developers and publishers worldwide, PS3 features a vast library of more than 2,128 software titles with more than 480 million units sold worldwide.

Even though the dynamics of PS3 sales are good, it is still the worst-selling game system in this generation among competing offerings. Microsoft Corp. managed to sell 50 million of Xbox 360 game systems as of January, 2011, and 10 million of Kinect motion sensors as of March, 2011. Nintendo sold 84.64 million Wii game consoles as of December 31, 2010.

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Actually this artical is wrong.

It says that it PS3 is the worst selling console which is completely incorrect.

360 is the worst selling console easily. They forgot that 360 came out an entire year earlier and enjoyed being the sole next gen console for that year. That's a huge upper hand.

Plus how many people purchased 3-5 360's due to RROD? The answer is Millions.

So PS3 being less than 1 million units behind 360, 360 having an entire year head start and millions or re-buys.

360 is the worst selling console of this generation. Easily.

PS3 has already beat 360 as far as installed base (active consoles). 2011 will have total number of hardware sold well above 360.

Global Sales PS3 outsells 360 every month. 360 outsells PS3 in only 1 country...USA.
0 0 [Posted by: Roadshow  | Date: 04/15/11 11:05:09 AM]
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Yes 3-5 360's cause of RROD. No exaggeration there, you just know the richest most unlucky people people in the universe.

Being a year early and much cheaper, isn't some lucky accident. It was by design.
0 0 [Posted by: cashkennedy  | Date: 04/21/11 11:12:52 AM]

Even if PS3 has sold almost the same amount of units as the 360, the game attach rate for cross-platform games is still better on the 360.

Newer key titles (thus far):

Crysis 2:
360 = 0.58 Million
PS3 = 0.39 Million

Dragon Age 2:
360 = 0.63 Million
PS3 = 0.3 Million

Older key titles

Modern Warfare 1
360 = 8.46 Million
PS3 = 5.64 Million

Modern Warfare 2
360 = 12.37 Million
PS3 = 9.14 Million

Black Ops
360 = 12.17 Million
PS3 = 9.8 Million

Dragon Age 1
360 = 2.04 Million
PS3 = 1.23 Million

360 = 8.83 Million
PS3 = 7.95 Million

Assassin's Creed
360 = 4.95 Million
PS3 = 3.96 Million

Therefore, you have to look at the game sales as well.
0 0 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 04/15/11 12:27:16 PM]
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You want to know why? We have way more exclusives. not just exclusives. Ground breaking exclusives. Unlike 360 which has almost no good exclusives and even those you do have are on PC, better on PC and free online play the PC way.

I laugh at the ignorance of 360 fanboys. You get ripped off, have a featureless console, expensive console and are the only idiots to have to pay to play or pay for the "right" to "purchase" a sub to netflix or like service.

ROFLMFAO @ 360 fanboys expense.
0 0 [Posted by: Roadshow  | Date: 04/15/11 02:29:47 PM]

Since we already have PS3 and Xbox fanboys let me be the PC fanboy for this thread and say that no matter which console wins they are still holding gaming back with their inferior 5+ year old hardware.
0 0 [Posted by: ET3D  | Date: 04/15/11 10:04:38 PM]
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0 0 [Posted by: cashkennedy  | Date: 04/21/11 11:11:10 AM]

actually if you at what the technical cpu spec is in the xbox it`s better than most Intel chips in gaming terms if i`m right it`s a 9.6Ghz XBOX processor chucking out 51.2 GB/s memory bandwidth on a 256 bit bus but the graphics specs is pants.
0 0 [Posted by: efex  | Date: 04/16/11 07:06:36 AM]
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Yep, my pentium D with 4 effective cores at 3.4 ghz, destroys all the core 2 duo's out there. Yep its all about the ghz...
/ end sarcasm

Ghz is almost the most pointless way to compare cpu's. Besides the CPU is not the major limiting factor in games for the 360, its the GPU.
0 0 [Posted by: cashkennedy  | Date: 04/21/11 11:10:34 AM]
LMAO!!!! ... ROFL!!!
0 0 [Posted by: PFX  | Date: 04/26/11 07:17:36 AM]

WII still showing that power means absolute zero in a console after 5 years of being the most under powered console it still beats the Microsoft and Sony efforts in sales.
0 0 [Posted by: efex  | Date: 04/16/11 07:15:19 AM]

I love the generalization on the Internet. I am now an Xbox fanboy? I don't even own a console. I play on the PC.

ET3D, completely agree with that assessment. Most PC games nowdays are just console ports with barely better graphics (outside of sharper textures, global lighting and AA).

efex, the CPU in the Xbox is actually inferior to a modern Phenom or Intel architecture. You simply cannot compare CPUs based on clock speeds alone. Memory bandwidth is also irrelevant. Look at Sandy Bridge processors. They have lower bandwidth than a socket 1366 system, but are much faster in gaming. Also, S1156 is barely slower than S1366 system.

0 0 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 04/16/11 09:45:36 AM]

Porting of console games to PC is not only rampant, it's sometimes done badly. Last year, I got a Prince of Persia game from the bargain bin. I was hopeful, since I had liked the original PC game.

After install, I learned that this PC port only works with the XBox360-for-PC gamepad (I have a Saitek gamepad), so too bad for me: I decided to play with the keyboard and mouse. And then, when I encountered the first boss, there were a lot of quick combo actions to perform... but these were only shown as a sequence of gamepad icons at the top of the screen.

No wonder the game ended in the bargain bin, as Ubisoft was simply too lazy to even do a proper port to the PC.
0 0 [Posted by: BernardP  | Date: 04/16/11 07:02:28 PM]

There's a lot Sony could have done to make sales of PS3 double. Firstly, it shouldn't have picked a processor that is so (difficult or new) to Sony to program. This delayed game development and rose the price of the PS3 considerably. Cheaper = better sales.

Blu-ray was also unjustified as Hi def discs had the optimal amount of space for games; yes some games are like 30GB that doesn't mean they had to be. This also rose the price of the PS3 considerably.

Sony should have installed a linux distro on the PS3 by default in a dual boot configuation where the user can easily switch. This would make the ps3 like a computer and console, but since the "other OS" option isn't the most intuitive to most, Sony lost out on a huge opportunity.

Finally, alright somebody jailbreaks your system. Yap that can definitely work against you; free games for consumers less money for Sony, or does it really? You see if Sony allowed open source development, the ps3 would trully be a spectacular machine with emulators and all sorts of neat programs. They could analyze the code and post it on their own website therefore user knows its safe; another huge missed opportunity.

Finally, the graphics card wasn't the best choice as XBOX 360 has more shaders ETC, but XBOX 360 was also released on year earlier...what the hell sony.

Finally, if Sony Shipped the PS3 with a mouse and keyboard, that would have also much aided sales.
0 0 [Posted by: ericore  | Date: 04/16/11 09:41:26 PM]

All i can say is when a console game is ported over to the PC the PC `has to` be fast as in the same year PC tech release to the game play it. But the xbox console CPU just keeps getting older...

Also xbox processor (5 years old) has 3 times integer performance than ps3...Ouch

I don`t have either `just` a PC.
0 0 [Posted by: efex  | Date: 04/19/11 02:07:54 AM]
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Idiot! You buy consoles based on the integer performance?

PS3 exclusives look better than 360 ones... ouch!
0 0 [Posted by: PFX  | Date: 04/26/11 07:23:33 AM]


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