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While some analysts believe that Nintendo's next-generation Wii U game console barely belongs to the next generation and will not be as successful as Wii, Nintendo claims that the second screen on the Wii U's controller will be revolutionary and will bring games to the whole new level. In addition, Nintendo assures its customers that it would support Wii console even after Wii U's launch.

"The Wii U has to deliver a differentiated experience that can only be brought to bear through the use of these two screens. If all we do is a beautiful game in HD, it's been done before. We have to take advantage of the second screen, we need to take advantage of the connectivity that the system will offer and, if we do that, we believe that we will yet again disrupt the market the same way we with DS and Wii," said Reggie Fils-Aime, the president of Nintendo America, in an interview with Games Blog web-site.

Second screen will clearly impact gaming and will enhance user experience pretty significantly. What will be interesting to see is which kinds of games will benefit from the Wii U's second screen. Sport titles - those, which drove the majority of non-gamers customers to Nintendo platform - will barely take advantage of the second screen, whereas first-person shooters (FPS) will not appeal to casual gamers.

With the release of the Nintendo Wii U game console, all the latest gaming machines from all three providers (Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony) will support high-definition resolution and will have powerful microprocessors to handle demanding games. As a result, this will be then end for Wii, which becomes irrelevant on the day of the Wii U launch. Game developers will continue to make casual games for the original Wii, but all the high-end titles will be made for Wii U and will unlikely be ported to its predecessor. Nonetheless, Mr. Fils-Aime seems to be optimistic about the destiny of Wii, the most successful game console of the current generation, and believes that Wii will co-exist with Wii U for "some time".

"It is certainly true that the Wii is not over. [...] What I can say is that there certainly will be more games launched for the Wii. And what I can say is that we believe there are still millions more systems to be sold. And I can say that the Wii will coexist side by side beside the Wii U for some period of time," concluded Mr. Fils-Aime.

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if you have a PS3 or Xbox360 there is no point getting a Nintendo U its not next gen its just catching up to the current two market HD gaming systems ands thats a poor showing from nintendo

It worked with the wii because of the huge price hike to move up onto a PS3 or Xbox360 but the next PS and Xbox will be much cheaper and this thing with its complex controller will cost allot more then the wii putting it inline with the next PS and xbox BUT it cost more then the current two consols out now... BIG FAIL right there big fail indeed.

Mum and dad shoppers will just buy a cheaper xbox360 or PS3 for the kiddy VS the more expensive WiiU, THe Wii U will be a huge flop, so much so it may even kill off Nintendo like Sega.
0 1 [Posted by: vid_ghost  | Date: 11/19/11 08:35:54 PM]
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The dreamcast did NOT kill off sega. It was just discontinued. Games were made for it up to 2006 in japan. almost 11million units were sold in its short lifespan
1 0 [Posted by: sinfulsixsixsix  | Date: 11/20/11 11:11:16 PM]
There is no Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, F-Zero, Star Fox, Pikimin, Smash Bros, Metroid, Pokémon, Earth Bond, Kirby, Pilotwings, series for PS3 or Xbox 360,so it's next gen indeed, and even reaching the hardware of Sony and Microsoft consoles just in 2012, it will be revolutionary, and for sure the competition's going imitate it shamelessly.
1 0 [Posted by: lacmetal  | Date: 11/21/11 07:34:42 AM]

This controller is a fail, an epic one. Simply because when you look at the display of the controller, you can't look at the screen. So it's basically a distraction, nothing else.
0 1 [Posted by: Martian  | Date: 11/19/11 09:45:54 PM]
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Worked for the DS.
0 0 [Posted by: FireWall_XD  | Date: 11/21/11 02:26:28 PM]

I can see how sports games could greatly benifit from the screen on the controller. I mean take madden for example, the play selection could be on the controller screen instead of on the main screen, which will make it harder for someone you are playing against in the same room to sneak a peak at what play you are trying to select.
1 0 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 11/19/11 10:34:13 PM]

Get rid of that stupid controller and put in a better better graphics chip. That would be a much better idea.
1 1 [Posted by: DirectXtreme  | Date: 11/19/11 10:40:16 PM]
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Get rid of that stupid console and get a PC. That would be a much better idea.
1 0 [Posted by: FireWall_XD  | Date: 11/21/11 02:24:52 PM]

Personally I love the idea, i love how Nintendo always brings something new to the table and always thinks outside the square. There is so much potential for this console for both casual and hardcore gamers. Imagine being able to type on the controller for chatting, web, etc. Imagine being able to navigate through menus and inventories. Customize and design game elements. Using the mic and/or camera to communicate during online games. There is so much potential. The specs have not been confirmed yet and some developers were suggesting it to be 50% more powerful than ps3/xbox360. Its also native 1080p not scaled up from 720p so stop complaining about the power, graphics alone don't make a good game it only helps to enhance the experience. A good game is fresh, innovative and keeps you entertained. Recently, the Wii, DS and the ps2 have been the most successful consoles of their gen, and have also had the least power. I understand consumer feedback is of the utmost importance to any company, but I think a successful and experienced company that has been around for a very long time has tested and researched significant areas of their product enough to know if it is going to be "distraction" or a "BIG FAIL". Innovations like Kinect, motion controllers and all-in-one controllers are what makes technology exciting! XD
0 0 [Posted by: FireWall_XD  | Date: 11/21/11 03:14:20 PM]

My prediction...............epic FAIL
0 1 [Posted by: alpha0ne  | Date: 11/21/11 10:42:58 PM]

Um, some of you early-haters of the Wii U are leaving out a LOT of stuff about the Wii U in your "analysis" of this inevitable doom of becoming a flop you speak of:

> We CAN adapt to gaming with two screens without it being a "distraction." We gamers adapt, and look forward to new ways to develop the gaming experience. If anything, it'll IMPROVE gaming, because now pause-less gaming would be totally possible, and we will be that much more closer to bringing PC-gaming-like features to console gaming. I personally look forward to playing a Metroid and a Metal Gear game on the Wii U, using that controller.

> A new Super Smash Bros. game is coming to Wii U, and it will be online and cross-platform with another Super Smash Bros. game coming to Nintendo 3DS. A new realistic Zelda game is in development. A Metroid game in inevitably destined for the Wii U. It's exclusive titles like these that Sony and Microsoft don't have that many core gamers still enjoy.

> The Wii U controller will itself feature a fully-functional web browser.

> The controller will support live video chat capabilities.

> Remember, the controller will be able to allow gamers to break away from the television--a significant feature of homes with only one HDTV, like in many homes. That feature doesn't sound like much now, but when it arrives, we'll wonder how we ever lived without it. Being able to game a console game while in the bathroom? Kinda TMI, but a gamer's dream come true nonetheless.

> The Wii U will possibly feature cloud service via Acer's newly-acquired cloud service, since Nintendo and Acer have a good company relationship and apparently have been talking about bringing a cloud service to Wii U.

> The Wii U's online service has gotten very high praise from Peter Moore, current head of EA Sports and former head of Microsoft Xbox 360--and if the former head of the company that brought X-Box Live is giving another online service high praise and excitement, that's something to consider.

Graphics beyond Wii U-level (which will surpass PS3 by quite a bit) won't be what 8th-gen consoles are about, and even Sony realized and stated this. No, the 8th-gen will be about the gaming console trying to stay relevant in the face of the inevitably-arriving cloud-service HD gaming to SmartTVs. Trust me, you'll NEED something like a Wii U controller to stay in the? game (and also, smarter AI). I wouldn't be surprised to see Sony and Microsoft emulate Nintendo's strategy.

The Wii U has huge potential as a console. And it not only has the good chance of surviving the 8th-gen console race, but also LEADING it, if developers take advantage of its chock full of features and very low game development costs (it's cheaper, easier and faster to make games for Wii U than PS3). Don't knock it so out of the race so early.
1 0 [Posted by: Brian L.  | Date: 11/23/11 01:35:55 PM]
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Wow. If I was a hater troll, I would be hiding under my bridge trying to recover from how OWNED I just got.
0 0 [Posted by: FireWall_XD  | Date: 11/23/11 06:10:34 PM]

Do you guys really think that the modern GPU and multicore CPU used in the Wii U will not be any better than the 6 year old hardware in the 360 and PS3? You people are being irrational, and you just want it to fail. Of course it's going to be better. On a hardware level, it's going to blow the 360 and PS3 out of the water. 6 year newer hardware is not going to just be barely catching up. It's going to be much better.

Just keep in mind that if the game developers do a shoddy job and don't take advantage of the hardware, it's not Nintendo's fault.
0 0 [Posted by: forrestcupp  | Date: 11/25/11 07:33:13 PM]


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