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Electronic Arts, the world's No. 1 publisher of video games, remains skeptical about stereoscopic-3D technology in video games. The tech has not gained a lot of traction in the last several years. Moreover, even Sony Corp., which has been generally optimistic about S3D, did not demonstrate any stereo-3D content this year at trade-shows.

"3D is certainly not in any way on our list of things we are focused upon as a company. I look at gaming, and it just doesn't seem to be a major factor. [...] It is just not a technology particularly in our world of gaming that seems to have got traction. If I was skeptical 18 months ago I remain skeptical," said Peter Moore, chief operating officer of Electronic Arts, in an interview with Eurogamer web-site.

According to DisplaySearch, shipments of stereo-3D reached 10% of all LCD TV panels last year and that share will only grow going forward. In total, around 21 million of S3D TVs were sold last year. The number is still pretty low to catalyze all of game developers to add stereo-3D to all of their titles as 21 million is well below installed base of S3D capable consoles, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3.

Sony itself will continue to push stereoscopic 3D technologies onto the market as it needs to sell new HDTVs, Blu-ray disc movies, S3D-capable video games, Blu-ray 3D players, PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles, for conglomerate the technology clearly makes a lot of sense. Nonetheless, even Sony was quiet about S3D at the recent E3 and Gamescon trade-shows. The company will only add stereo-3D to games when it makes sense.

"We spoke about it at E3 two years ago and everyone put their glasses on for the first time, and the next year we did the same and everyone did it again. You know, there comes a time when you do not need to talk about it anymore. Do not read into the fact too much that we have not announced anything about 3D. Where it makes sense, 3D technology will be included into our games," said Jim Ryan chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, in an interview with CVG.


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EA is not the biggest, it is just the richest. Marketing needs money and also makes others disappear. Also, why do your games qualitatively suck? It doesn't come down to taste.
0 0 [Posted by: TeemuMilto  | Date: 08/22/12 07:00:30 AM]

If 3D weren't such a pain in the duckass, and cost so much more, then it would be more widely adopted.

Do you have to buy a special TV/Monitor that cost a lot more? Yes
Do you have to buy special expensive glasses? Yes
Does 4->5 year old console hardware have the horse power? No
Have to jump through hoops to get it to work on PC? Yes
Do you have to buy special pricey versions of bluRay to see 3D? Yes

Is it any wonder why people aren't interested? I'm waiting for the first generic monitors to offer 3D with a reasonable price point + next gen consoles. Then the adoption will begin.

3D gaming rocks though when you have to set up properly.
1 0 [Posted by: digitalgriffin  | Date: 08/22/12 09:03:37 AM]

No EA is wrong,Those who have the 3d setup such as myself are still too busy drooling over 3d porn to worry about playing any 3d games just yet!

On a serious note though, 3d games own, Crysis 2 in 3d is pretty freaking awesome, As well as other fps games out there like Metro 2033.
Totally agree with above comment though, Pricey and sometimes a pain getting it setup properly,It's not the hardware you just plug it in and calibrate and it works,It's the software getting games to display the 3d correctly is sometimes annoying.
They should be doing that anyway when they say only adding 3d stereoscopic content into games when it makes sense,Some games just don't belong in 3d. No need for them to try and make every title in 3d.
0 0 [Posted by: ozegamer  | Date: 08/23/12 12:37:55 AM]


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