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While some people believe that games on personal computers and – top-notch microprocessors and high-end graphics cards – have lost their charms, it seems like they not only haven’t, but they are gaining. Moreover, they are gaining in a way that was unbelievable a year from now.

“Most people would say that it has lost some of its charm I say that our commitment and work with game developers to bring back some of [PC gaming] stimulus. I’ll give you an example: My father is a PC gamer.But for a few years, he has pursued other interests. When Tomb Raider came out, my father saw the images TressFX hair simulation and wanted the game. TressFX for us is just the beginning of a whole series of things that we will do together with game developers have to make PC gaming more exciting,” said Roy Taylor, corporate vice president of global channel sales, said in an interview with web-site.

Being an excellent PC game, the all-new Tomb Raider is a good example of a revenue driver for a developer. EA’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted has clearly earned loads of money thanks to three DLC packs released for PCs in March, which brought the actual price of the game to rather whopping €85/$85.

Keeping in mind that publishers want maximize the revenue from games by setting higher price per title, whereas companies like AMD want to sell hardware, it is rather logical for the latter to finance development of titles designed. However, AMD has never done so, albeit its financial support was crucial for such major titles as FarCry 3.

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3 9 [Posted by: AnonymousGuy  | Date: 04/08/13 01:11:39 AM]

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1 8 [Posted by: TAViX  | Date: 04/08/13 03:21:31 AM]
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Dude, we use proper Graphic cards and than bitch when things don't work. WTF are you talking about, even on my wife's PC which has HD 7770 the game was fluid, let's not get to my HD7970 GHZ edition.
5 0 [Posted by: Atlastiamhere  | Date: 04/08/13 04:36:36 AM]
that effect use open cl and nvidia card perform like shit with open cl and nvidia wont admit it
3 1 [Posted by: Amir Anuar  | Date: 04/08/13 05:43:15 AM]
I played the entire game with Tress FX turned on using a Radeon HD 6850 without any issues at 1080p. I didn't have every option on the highest settings, but the realistic hair did add a great deal of quality in many scenes (wind, jumping, crawling, etc.).

I think more games should consider technologies like this using open standards like OpenCL.
5 0 [Posted by: MatthiasF  | Date: 04/08/13 10:43:20 AM]
PC gamers want innovation and better realism in games and then when it is brought by a company and is available to everyone, unlike PhysX, they complain that the new feature is too demanding. What did you think would happen? As we approach closer and closer to realism in games, it will take exponential increases in GPU hardware power because of how graphics work.

The New Dawn demo has 4 million triangles for environmental complexity and 40,000 tessellated hair strands vs. just 7,000 for the environment and 1,700 for the hair in the original:

That makes the hair complexity alone 23x greater. How much GPU power do you think is required for that, not 5-10x more, a lot more.

Also, the option is there and if your GPUs are too slow, just turn it off. When you upgrade later, you can replay the game with TressFX.
0 0 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 04/10/13 12:24:44 AM]

AMD is building up its brand like I haven't seen before. AMD will become synonymous with gaming.
5 1 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 04/08/13 06:10:03 AM]

At last AMD getting more aggressive to capture market which is good.
7 0 [Posted by: tks  | Date: 04/08/13 07:36:16 AM]

I bought GTX460 and GTX660 just to get PhsyX. But now AMD counter it with DirectCompute (TressFX). I really hope tomorrow I can play all game's feature with whatever card.
1 0 [Posted by: jpunk  | Date: 04/09/13 12:17:02 AM]
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If I'm not mistaken, both AMD and NV cards support OpenCL, however NV is way slower than AMD while dealing with OpenCL, and unlike PhysX you can use OpenCL not only for games, but also for simulations, complicated calculations or even encoding a movie.
1 0 [Posted by: knedle  | Date: 04/09/13 03:12:09 PM]


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