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Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK, Nippon Hoso Kyokai) holds the world’s first public screenings of content in its cutting?edge 8K/Super Hi?Vision (SHV) format at the Cannes Film Festival. A highlight will be the first 8K narrative film, a short comedy called Beauties À La Carte. In addition, NHK will showcase other types of content on 220” screen with the highest-resolution available today.

The public screenings of 8K video technology will be held on May 16 and May 17 at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. Beauties À La Carte, a 27-minute comedy directed by Toshio Lee (Detroit Metal City), will be shown on a 220” screen to demonstrate benefits of 8K/SHV (7680*4320), which boasts 16 times the resolution of current full-HD (1920*1080), to the global film industry. The format features a 22.2-channel audio system that was also developed by NHK, reports The Hollywood Reporter.  

NHK performed the live 8K transmission from London Olympics venues in 2012 and aims to begin experimental 8K broadcasts in Japan in time for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016. Most recently, NHK joined hands with Brazilian commercial broadcaster TV Globo in February 2013 to shoot the Rio de Janeiro Carnival in 8K.

Viewers at the public screening in Cannes will experience spectacular coverage of the Carnival along with content in the genres of wildlife, entertainment, arts, and sports.

“The new technology is driving new content. We learned from our 8K initiative at the London Olympics that viewers and broadcasters are tremendously excited about 8K. The production of Beauties À La Carte is part of our efforts to understand the technical challenges of producing drama in this new format. I hope we can work with film?industry professionals to further explore the possibilities of using 8K for feature films,” said Nobuhiro Haneda, NHK’s senior manager in charge of 8K content production.

NHK began developing Super Hi-Vision technology in 1995. The 8K format has resolution of 7680*4320 pixels – four times the resolution of 4K and 16 times that of current HD – as well as 22.2-channel audio. The annual R&D budget of NHK is around $77 million. Having spent well-over a billion of dollars on R&D since 1995, NHK has developed plethora of technologies not only for 8K/SHV, but also for other applications.

The equipment for 8K was designed in partnership with Japanese leading manufacturers of electronics, including Fujitsu, JVC, Panasonic and Sharp, according to Kimiyo Hamasaki, technical director for the Cannes screenings and a leading engineer for the audio system that NHK developed in-house.

“Actually NHK is required under Japan’s Broadcast Law to carry out research into improving broadcasting technology,” explained Masayuki Sugawara, a senior engineer in the advanced television research division at STRL.



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Awesome but.....
Wake me up when 8k 60inch TV's are under $3k and there is enough content for it!
By the way does anyone know if there is any sort of stocks in cosmetic surgery, Make up artists? Hollywood movie stars are not going to like everyone seeing that microscopic skin pore in detail o.O lol
1 0 [Posted by: ozegamer  | Date: 05/17/13 01:43:51 AM]

My issue is HTF can 4K let alone 8K content be streamed without going over most ISP's monthly quotas within 1-2 hours? Yes I want 4 and 8K as its logical to evolve the by-gone era 1080p for the last 5-7 years so my concern is the local ISP keeping up with quotas otherwise this is all moot. Bring on displays that are reaching the max res the human eye can see!
0 0 [Posted by: thudo  | Date: 05/17/13 08:20:51 AM]
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Japan and Korea do not have this issue. 200Mbps down/up is mainstream there with no cap whatsoever.
0 0 [Posted by: TAViX  | Date: 05/18/13 11:30:11 PM]

An there was me thinking my old 50" Panasonic 1080p plasma looked great when playing 1080p BD content, I wonder if my old eyes could tell the difference between 1080p and 8k
0 0 [Posted by: alpha0ne  | Date: 05/19/13 01:27:20 AM]
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Only if you stay like half of meter from the TV...
0 0 [Posted by: TAViX  | Date: 05/19/13 08:35:18 PM]

You can increase the perceived resolution of HD just be increasing the bandwidth (reducing compression ratio, full 1080p). Typical HD content of 1080i from disk or digital TV is so overly compressed that it may as well be 1/4 of the rated resolution in each direction.
1 0 [Posted by: tygrus  | Date: 05/19/13 06:47:35 PM]

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