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Perhaps, Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One does not have the same amount of horsepower as its arch-rival Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 4. This fact alone does not determine the outcome of the fight between the two. Moreover, in order to make the Xbox One popular both among gamers, Microsoft wants to use the best weapon ever invented: money. The software giant wants to invest $1 billion into development of Xbox One exclusive titles. 

According to the Official Xbox Magazine, Microsoft will invest no less than $1 billion into video games for the next-gen Xbox One console – an unprecedented sum for the firm and the video gaming industry. Xbox One will swipe 15 exclusive titles in its first year at retail, including eight new IPs. All that is reportedly on top of a two-year period of bulking up by various titles by Microsoft Studios. Loads of game developers that make content for Microsoft are currently busy designing games for Xbox One, claims OXM. The amount of money in mind-blowing since Electronic Arts, the largest publisher in the world, spends $100 million onto its top franchises yearly.

"We want to be about serious fun. Things that people are really passionate about. Things that they love. Things that they cannot wait to get home to experience and to use. That is what the Xbox brings about. So, we are in the serious fun side of the house. You can call us the, you know, five to nine section if you want,” said Don Mattick, president of interactive entertainment business at Microsoft, in a conversation with OXM.

Microsoft Xbox One is clearly designed to offer capabilities beyond gaming. The new system reflects Microsoft’s vision towards video gaming and entertainment in general, but does not necessarily end there. What is next? Time will tell.

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" $1 Billion on Exclusive Xbox One Video Games"-why Microsoft didn't spent that money to make xbox one more powerful or other meaningful projects.
microsoft is just spending money blindly on it's project like windows phone,surface tablet,now $1 Billion on Exclusive Games. just think if xbox one sells not hit target then what MS will do to manage xbox one sale another $1 Billion on Exclusive Xbox One movies and songs.
come on microsoft don't wear sunglasses in night.

just spend that $1 Billion for AMD Temash(coz it's cheap,efficient and much powerful than atom and most important it's a SoC) and launch 200$ tab with windows 8 x86 , and see android on knees.
9 1 [Posted by: mudi1  | Date: 05/31/13 08:24:30 PM]

Not going to the coders but the parasitic blood sucking accounting, management and advertising depts. The bean counters are now coming 1st in their view followed by the non-productive side of the organisations. At least 90% of this amount will be swallowed up by them. When one has a bean counter as CEO then bean counters will always come 1st.
6 0 [Posted by: tedstoy  | Date: 05/31/13 09:54:26 PM]

Maybe MS should invest the $1 billion GAMES development @ Microsoft Studios like they used to do, eg MS Flight Sim, yeah right, I forgot, MS don't actually do anything creative anymore (since ~2005), they would rather spend the $ in marketing, trying to convince ppl the hand over ever more cash$$$$$$$$$$$$

1 0 [Posted by: alpha0ne  | Date: 06/02/13 02:12:03 AM]

"The software giant wants to invest $1 billion into development of Xbox One exclusive titles." - Read, M$ is using 1 billion to bribe the game companies NOT to release some AAA games for PS4 and PC.
I remember not so long ago Intel using the same technique for its Pentium 3/4 processors...
1 0 [Posted by: TAViX  | Date: 06/03/13 10:33:33 AM]

The title should be "Microsoft shows us how to flush $1 Billion down the drain."
0 0 [Posted by: rauelius  | Date: 06/03/13 01:34:10 PM]
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It's simply a method of obtaining a long-term consumer base by the use of incentives when the competition is known to be superior, and cheaper. If they made their releases cross-platform, sure they would make a lot more money in the short-term, but then no one would have a reason to buy the new Xbox One in the long-term for gaming.
0 0 [Posted by: mmstick  | Date: 06/04/13 07:10:06 AM]


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