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Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday announced intentions to ditch a number of limitations in Xbox One game console that is due to arrive later this year. The software giant will not limit gamers’ abilities to lend, sell or trade-in their discs; besides, the company will not implement mandatory online checks so to allow uninterrupted offline gaming and will remove regional restrictions. The changes in policy are expected to improve image of the future game console in the eyes of gamers.

“Since unveiling our plans for Xbox One, my team and I have heard directly from many of you, read your comments and listened to your feedback. I would like to take the opportunity today to thank you for your assistance in helping us to reshape the future of Xbox One. You told us how much you loved the flexibility you have today with games delivered on disc. The ability to lend, share, and resell these games at your discretion is of incredible importance to you. Also important to you is the freedom to play offline, for any length of time, anywhere in the world,” said Don Mattrick, president of interactive entertainment business at Microsoft, in a special statement.

As a result of changes in Xbox One policies, an internet connection will not be required to play offline Xbox One games. After a one-time system set-up with a new Xbox One, gamers can play any disc-based game without ever connecting online again. There is no 24 hour connection requirement and one can take your Xbox One anywhere you they to play their games, just like on Xbox 360.

When it comes to disc-based games, users will be able to trade-in, lend, resell, gift, and rent disc based games just like today. There will be no limitations to using and sharing games, it will work just as it does today on Xbox 360. In addition to buying a disc from a retailer, gamers can also download games from Xbox Live on day of release. If one chooses to download games, he/she will be able to play them offline just like today. Xbox One games will be playable on any Xbox One console, there will be no regional restrictions. Unfortunately, it will still be impossible to share downloaded titles with anyone.

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I'm dying of laughter!! )))))))
2 2 [Posted by: TAViX  | Date: 06/20/13 01:59:13 AM]

Yeah, this is about as much of a "total surrender" as you can get.
I´m surprised they actually seem to mean it, too used with MS only doing the most stupid possible things nowadays.

Maybe there is hope even for MS...
3 1 [Posted by: DIREWOLF75  | Date: 06/20/13 04:18:58 AM]

Ballmer was bound and gagged just before the meeting and had to send his apoligies.
2 1 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 06/20/13 04:32:17 AM]

thank sony because if sony did the same thing ms wouldn't have done this and kept this stupid drm and online connection, but you still need an online connection to set the system up for the first time which doesn't totally abandon the online connection method even if it is a one time thing.

Hopefully ms will cave in again and allow backwards compatibility through the cloud like sony on xbox 360 games.
3 1 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 06/20/13 05:03:27 AM]
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thats probably just to setup an account and to ping the mother ship once to count how many xboxe's are out there in the world!
1 1 [Posted by: vid_ghost  | Date: 06/20/13 05:56:12 AM]

This is about PRISM.

Microsoft, FB, Yahoo, Google, Apple etc. will continue to use your data every-time you connect to the internet and they will store it in the government servers.
1 3 [Posted by: Vampire36  | Date: 06/20/13 06:10:16 AM]

I'm having a flash back to 1985. Coke introducing "New Coke". Listed as one of the top ten worst business decisions ever made. I bet Xbox One launch get's added to that list as well.
2 1 [Posted by: McLovin  | Date: 06/20/13 08:44:57 AM]
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In reality, demand for Classic Coke sent sales soaring, so it was really a very successful business decision after all.

We'll see if MS will be able to spin things as successfully as Coca Cola did.
0 0 [Posted by: DivideOverflow  | Date: 06/20/13 07:01:18 PM]

It's surprising that this article doesn't even mention that, in order to go back to "it will work just as it does today on Xbox 360," that means the end of the Family Share and other benefits. In words of one commenter on "well done internet, well f'ing done." (*cough* Xbitlabs commenters no exception *cough*)
0 2 [Posted by: bluvg  | Date: 06/20/13 09:02:50 AM]

This is just like the old battle of AMD vs Intel but in this case it's Sony vs Microsoft respectively.

Without the Sony PS4, the monopolised Microsoft Xbox One would have abused it's position and screwed the consumers to no end with none of these 'we listened to you' changes bullshit.

2 2 [Posted by: JBG  | Date: 06/20/13 03:36:47 PM]


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