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Sony Computer Entertainment on Monday introduced PlayStationVita TV (PS Vita TV), a new entertainment system within the PlayStation family that will allow users to easily access video services, games and various content on their TV at home. The new system adopts chip sets and system software of the PlayStationVita (PS Vita) portable entertainment system and is the smallest of all PlayStation platforms that connect to a TV.

PS Vita TV offers a vast lineup of 1,300 software titles from PS Vita games, PSP (PlayStationPortable) games and PlayStaion games from PSOne classics, including all-time favorites. With PS Vita TV, users can comfortably enjoy various video services in high quality, including Tsutaya, Huly and other. As with PS Vita, PS Vita TV will also support PS4 remote play and DualShock 4controller through future system software update. This will allow users to enjoy most of the PS4 games on PS Vita TV as if they are playing it on the PS4 system.

In addition to the basic applications preinstalled on the system such as “Browser”, “Email” and “Party”, an application for voice chat and text chat, users will have access to various network service applications available for download including; Music Unlimited, a cloud-based digital music service, simulcast radio service, an e-book application for reading books and comics, and so on.

PS Vita TV will be available first in Japan on November 14, 2013, prior to any other regions, on November 14, 2013, at a recommended retail price of ¥9954 yen including tax (around $100). “PS Vita TV Value Pack” comes with DualShock 3 wireless controller and 8 GB Memory Card, will also be available on the same day at ¥14994 yen. Additionally, a promotional campaign will run at its launch in Japan, offering PlayStation Plus 90 days free trial with every “PS Vita TV Value Pack” purchase.

Sony PlayStation Vita TV will compete against numerous Google Android-based set-top-boxes designed for gaming that are due later this year.

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The ability to stream PS4 games to another tv is gold, not to mention the PSP/PSVita compatibility. For people like me who have wanted to play some Vita games but are not really into mobile gaming, at $100 this is impulse buy territory. Just hope it makes its way out of Japan.
0 0 [Posted by: genie  | Date: 09/10/13 12:52:35 PM]
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I agree. It's pretty cool sounding and has potential. It would be impressive if they could do something similar with the actual Vita. It would definitely give people incentive to buy one.
0 0 [Posted by: Astral Abyss  | Date: 09/10/13 11:28:09 PM]

well shit why do I even need to buy a ps4 when I can buy this for 100 dollars and play ps3, ps2 and ps1 titles along with many ps4 titles. I mean this will be perfect if all you want is a straight up gaming system will no bells and whistles to it. I don't need a web based console I have a smart TV for that nor do I need a DVR or Blue Ray players as I already have those as well. This has really caught my attention, the price and the fact that you can play ps3, ps2 and ps1 titles along with many ps4 titles along with the 100 dollar price has surely got my attention.
0 0 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 09/11/13 12:20:04 AM]
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It only plays Vita games (cartridge/download) and PSP/PSOne games (download), just like the Vita. The PS4 support is via streaming to the device from an actual PS4 system on your local network. There is no PS3 and PS2 support.
0 0 [Posted by: Astral Abyss  | Date: 09/11/13 02:05:48 AM]
not as of yet, but there was nothing mentioned that it wouldn't in the future either. i'm sure this device will have no issues supporting stream ps2 games via stream considering the vita is almost as powerful as the ps3.
0 0 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 09/11/13 02:13:15 AM]


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