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NPD Group, a leading video game market tracker, on Thursday revealed that Sony PlayStation 4 was the highest-selling video game console in November and was ahead of Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One in terms of unit sales. At the same time, Microsoft claims that its system was the fastest-selling new-generation console. Ironically, both facts are correct.

“PlayStation 4 led U.S. hardware sales for the month, and marked the highest first month sales of a hardware platform on record,” said Liam Callahan, an analyst with NPD Group.

Sony Computer Entertainment launched its PlayStation 4 game console on November 15, 2013, a week ahead of Microsoft  Xbox One. The company said that which 1.4 million PS4 units were shipped to customers in the U.S. and Canada in November. NPD no longer provides exact sales numbers to the press, but a logical number lies between 909 thousand and 1.4 million units.

“PlayStation 4 sales included an additional week within the November data month compared to Xbox One. When looking at sales on an average per-week basis, Xbox One led PS4. Keep in mind, however, that supply typically becomes constrained in the second week after launch,” explained Mr. Callah.

Microsoft revealed late on Thursday that according to NPD, around 909 thousand Xbox One game consoles were sold in the U.S. During the month of November, Xbox One sold nearly three times as many units compared to Xbox 360 in the U.S. during its November 2005 launch.

“Xbox One was the second highest selling platform for the month, which marked the largest launch for a Microsoft console,” said the analyst.

Although Sony and NPD have not revealed the exact number of PlayStation 4 consoles sold through in the U.S. in November, it is obvious that shipments are higher than 909 thousand, but are lower than 1.4 million.

According to NPD Group, game console hardware sales rose by 58% [to $1.327 billion] over November 2012, driven by an over 80% growth in sales of consoles. Nonetheless, collective sales from software introduced in November 2013 compared to software launched in November 2012 were down 41%, and were a major contributor to the overall software decline this month, which was 24%. Sales of video games totaled $1.0855 billion. The total available market of video games accessories was up 17% year over year to $327.4 million.

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the figure is prob close 1.2 million ps4 consoles sold in nov. never the less the ps4 is a great console, if you want a true gamers console get a ps4 I have one and I love it, it reminds me of the ps2 days all over again....
0 0 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 12/13/13 10:31:34 AM]

makes sense since the PS4's primary launch was in NA!
1 0 [Posted by: redeemer  | Date: 12/13/13 10:46:42 AM]

the best console is the PC console .
3 0 [Posted by: ratnik  | Date: 12/13/13 09:09:33 PM]

Imagine if Sony had released to more markets from the start, instead of staggering release.
1 0 [Posted by: caring1  | Date: 12/14/13 06:07:33 AM]


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