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Sony Corp. and Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday disclosed sales numbers of their latest video game consoles. Thanks to the fact that the PlayStation 4 is more affordable than the Xbox One and is also sold in many countries where its arch-rival is unavailable, it managed to outsell the competitor by whopping 1.2 million units.

Sony said that cumulative sales of the PlayStation 4 video game consoles had reached 4.2 million as of December 28, 2013. Microsoft revealed that before the end of 2013 its partners had sold-through over 3 million Xbox One units to gamers. Both game systems are selling very rapidly these days even despite of competition from other devices. The two companies are continuing to work hard to deliver additional consoles to retailers as fast as possible.

Two main reasons why Sony has managed to sell around 1.2 million more new-generation consoles than Microsoft did are apparent. The PS4 system is now available in 53 countries and territories globally, whereas the XOne can only be purchased in 13 countries. Furthermore, Sony’s PlayStation 4 costs $100/€100/£80 less than the Xbox One while offering similar or better quality of video game. While the XOne comes bundled with the new Kinect sensor, the latter yet has to prove itself worthy.

Several months ago Sony said that it intends to sell 5 million PlayStation 4 video game consoles this fiscal year (which ends on March 31st, 2014). Given the fact that the company has not yet released its PS4 in Japan and there are almost three months of sales ahead, it has all chances to exceed its sales goal provided that its manufacturing partners supply enough consoles. In fact, Sony’s PS4 has already beaten the PS3 in terms of launch window sales; only 3.53 million of PlayStation 3 consoles were sold during the fiscal year 2006 (ended in March ’07).

Microsoft has not publicly revealed its shipments goals for Xbox One, hence, it is unclear whether sales met internal expectations or not. Officially, Microsoft calls Xbox One’s release “the most epic launch for Xbox by all measures”.

Both Microsoft and Sony yet have to make their new-generation game consoles avaialble around the world. Actual global shipments will reveal whether Microsoft was right on the Xbox One’s concentration on multimedia capabilities, or Sony was right with the PS4’s focus on higher graphics horsepower.

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not surprising the ps4 is a more powerful system and it's 100 dollars less then the xbox one. this will prob prompt MS to take swift action and come out with an xbox one system that's 400 dollars minus Kinect.
6 0 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 01/09/14 12:48:35 AM]

Heard China lifts the ban on consoles, that would results in even more sales of consoles. All this results in AMD earning tons of $$$$
5 2 [Posted by: tks  | Date: 01/09/14 08:02:08 AM]

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0 3 [Posted by: bluvg  | Date: 01/09/14 11:34:38 AM]
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You misunderstood the statement. What the author meant is that the console costs $100 less while delivering similar or better graphics/performance in cross-platform games on both consoles. Since neither PS4 nor XB1 currently has a large list of must have exclusives, that puts PS4 at the forefront for playing cross-platform titles.

There are other advantages not mentioned:
- controller that doesn't require batteries
- fully upgradeable internal hard driver
- smaller console footprint
- internal power supply

Right now it is very difficult to make a strong case for XB1 since it's hardware is inferior and it costs more $. Usually the more powerful console costs more but in this case you end up paying more and get less hardware. XB1 continues to sell well in the UK and the US, however, in the rest of the world it will get outsold by PS4 rather easily.
1 0 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 01/10/14 08:20:27 AM]
It doesn't say "similar or better graphics performance/quality of graphics," it says "similar of better quality of video game." As for "quality of the video games," the reviews for the launch games on XB1 were better than PS4.

"Inferior hardware"--inferior in terms of raw GFLOPS rendering power, ok. Some may not care about Kinect, but it's superior to Sony's solution. Personally, I don't care about the size of the box when it comes to consoles, and if it has better thermal characteristics, one could argue that it's "superior." I also prefer an internal PSU, until it goes bad (which, thankfully rarely happens).

At any rate, they both have pros and cons. The only difference that I see that really matters is the price. Sony wins there, no question.
0 0 [Posted by: bluvg  | Date: 01/10/14 12:06:54 PM]
Hey, I work on Wall Street and I'll tell you right out The xbox out sold Sony by at least
2 to 1 over the holiday season. We are seeing more and more claims from Sony that are just not true. So trying to boost sales and make up ground is just not working. Pound for pound the stats for each system as a game playing machine are almost even and then you have to add in all the extra that Microsoft put into the xbox one and it's going to once again be the system to have. One last thing on this, I just can't stand the commercial of the two guys singing to each other for the PS4.
0 1 [Posted by: Daniel Ogden  | Date: 01/11/14 12:28:32 AM]

The marketing department of MS failed completely.

Back when they announced the console they focused in the media center part of XBOX while their audience was the hardcore gamers.

Add this to the "pay to play" multiplayer (if I recall correctly) they said that scared players away, which sony used to bush on them, no matter they took it back afterwards, the harm was done.

5 0 [Posted by: nitro912gr  | Date: 01/09/14 12:27:05 PM]

A console without the cartridges (consoles) is no game console at all. Back to the 1990's!
1 0 [Posted by: Teemu Ruskeepää  | Date: 01/10/14 06:31:45 AM]
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Why cartridges? What's important is the data, not the media where it's stored. N64 failed because Nintendo insisted in using cartridge, arguing they'd released enhancement chips in them in the future, and these chips never came out.

Optical media is cheap to factor and easy to handle and store. Downloading the game is ok, but we can't have dozens of games in a 4TB HDD stuck inside the console. And imagine having dozens of pendrives in drawer and having to find one.
0 0 [Posted by: Hikari  | Date: 01/20/14 09:33:18 AM]

Here you go all you Sony people. 2.1 in sales
0 0 [Posted by: Daniel Ogden  | Date: 01/11/14 12:51:43 AM]
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Yeah... as of 12/3/13 ya mook.
0 0 [Posted by: CoeusDS  | Date: 01/16/14 10:07:56 AM]


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