Real Microsoft Zune Photo Emerges

More Details about Microsoft Zune Appear

by Anton Shilov
08/17/2006 | 11:04 PM

A web-site focused on publishing reports about various gadgets and consumer electronics has posted a photo of the real Microsoft Zune player and also revealed some additional details about the device. Apparently, the digital media player from Microsoft may be much more compact than initially expected.


Gizmodo web-site has made public a black and white picture of what is claimed to be Microsoft Zune player with 30GB hard disk drive. The web-site claims that the reason why the picture is black and white is because Microsoft has send 150 players in unique colours to 150 of its partners so to avoid design leaks. The case is made of plastic and is semi transparent, however, as this is a sample, not a final product, no exact conclusions can be made on the matter.

The picture shows a device that seems to be pretty thin and generally light, unlike the iPod video from Apple. The Zune may be a little thicker than iPod nano, however, still much larger in terms of size. Additionally, Gizmodo states that Microsoft Zune has magnetic back so that to make it easier to manage headphones and, perhaps, add some additional functionality.

The web-site reports that Microsoft Zune has Windows Media-like interface, however, it does not note how the screen looks in the sun and what screen technology is actually used.

Earlier it was reported that Microsoft’s Zune player will be available in three colours with a duotone approach on each. The device will have a 3.75” screen, contain a 30GB hard disk drive as well as some functionality, not currently available on competing products, such as Apple iPod or Creative Zen, including ad-hoc music sharing between a group of people in the range of the device, FM as well as digital radio, thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity. Along with the Zune device, Microsoft is expected to launch its new online music store.

According to previous news-stories, 13 accessories for the player will be available at launch, which is scheduled on the 14th of November, 2006.

Microsoft Corp. did not comment on the news-story.