AMD Live! PCs Outsell Intel Viiv Computers – Analysis

AMD’s Living Room Platform Turns More Successful than Intel’s

by Anton Shilov
12/15/2006 | 10:47 PM

Launched many months later than the main competitor, Advanced Micro Devices’ Live! platform for living rooms is slightly outselling Intel Viiv in the

USA, according to figures obtained by Current Analysis research firm and published by AMD.

Both AMD Live! and Intel Viiv personal computers are designed to be the center of digital home and act as machines capable of performing multimedia-rich tasks flawlessly, thus, get a step closer to consumer electronics compared to typical personal computers (PCs). Usually, such Live! and Viiv systems are equipped with dual-core central processing units, TV-tuners and other multimedia devices.

Both AMD and Intel require computer makers to install Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition to be installed on Live! and Viiv PCs. In addition, both chipmakers have inked contracts with service and software providers to make their home-oriented platforms even more appealing.

The demand for such computers, some of which are designed to fit into the living rooms and some being typical desktops, is fairly high at the moment, based on the figures from Current Analysis provided by AMD during its meeting with financial analysts.

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According to a slide by AMD, the company’s Live! platform gained a slight lead over Intel’s Viiv in terms or market share in August, September and October, whereas in November Intel managed to jump a little ahead. The company also demonstrated results of sales in December, according to which the Live! is significantly ahead of Viiv.

Earlier this year Dell Inc. ceased to offer Intel Viiv personal computers and started to sell systems with AMD Live! sticker on them due to unknown reasons.

Intel Corp.’s officials have yet to comment on the numbers.