Microsoft Begins to Sell Blue-Laser Mouse for Gamers

Microsoft’s SideWinder X8 Finally Reaches the Market

by Anton Shilov
02/24/2009 | 06:45 PM

Microsoft Corp. this week said that its highly-anticipated SideWinder X8 mouse would finally emerge on the market this week after nearly six months of waiting. The manufacturer promises that the blue-laser mice will offer unprecedented precision and will work on great variety of surfaces, which makes them superior compared to infrared optical or laser pointing devices.


The SideWinder X8 mouse from Microsoft have optical resolution of 4000dpi (dots per inch), processes 13 thousand images a second, has maximum acceleration of 75G and 120” per second maximum speed. The mouse comes with standard 2.40GHz wireless radio, but also allows to charge the mouse during operation by simply plugging the cord from the base to the device itself.

The latest mouse from Microsoft aimed at gamers features considerably higher optical resolution compared to primary competitors from companies like Logitech. For instance, the latter’s gaming-oriented Logitech G9 mouse features 3200dpi optical resolution compared to SideWinder X8’s 4000dpi. Meanwhile, Razer, a well-known supplier of peripherals aimed at gamers, has been shipping Lachesis mouse with 4000dpi resolution powered red laser with 3G sensor for about a year now. Nevertheless, the new device from Microsoft will not maintain its “performance” lead for a long time: Logitech is expected to release a new version of the G9 with resolution increased to 5000dpi in the first half of the year and Razer is projected to start shipments of its Mamba mouse with 5600dpi sensor in the next four to six weeks.

But while Microsoft SideWinder X8 may not feature the highest resolution sensor, it has benefits that the competing products lack, according to the company. Thanks to blue-laser technology as well as advanced lenses, the new SideWinder may work on almost any surfaces (except clear glass and mirrored surfaces), which may is a significant advantage.

“Many gamers have long desired a wireless gaming mouse that doesn’t compromise on performance, and Microsoft delivers with the SideWinder X8 Mouse. Combining the best tracking performance available with an innovative wireless solution, this mouse will change the way gamers perceive wireless performance,” said Bill Jukes, product marketing manager for Microsoft hardware business unit.

The SideWinder X8 Mouse is available this week for an estimated retail price of $99.95.