Another Video Game Developer Condemns Sony PlayStation 3 Price

Electronic Arts Follows Activision with PS3 Price Critics

by Anton Shilov
03/03/2009 | 05:34 PM

Yet another huge developer of video games has expressed concerns regarding high price of Sony PlayStation 3 video game console. According to an Electronic Arts executive, if Sony does not ensure that the price of its game console is on par with inexpensive Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, Sony may completely lose the battle in this generation of consoles.


“I’m really not sure what’s going on with Sony. They’ve been such a great, great partner and PlayStation 2 being such a great machine that, God, I hope they get out of this and they figure it out and they are around for a long time. You know, I can’t tell them what to do. I don’t know their finances. [But] I love having the three major machines like that,” said Glen Schofield, general manager of Redwood Shores, a studio that belongs to Electronic Arts and the developer of Dead Space title, in an interview with web-site.

Back in late November ‘07 the head of Activision said that in order to better compete against Nintendo Wii, the console that has outsold Microsoft Xbox 360 and has been consistently outselling Sony’s PlayStation 3, Microsoft Corp. and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. would need to cut their pricing to $199 in the following 24 months. The world’s largest software maker actually slashed Xbox 360 Arcade price to $199. Meanwhile, Sony’s PS3 still costs $399, which is very high given current market environment.

Even though sales of PlayStation 3 video game console improved considerably in the first half of 2008 after Sony slashed its pricing by $100 to $399 and Blu-ray disc won the format war, they started to drop below year-over-year level in late 2008 as the economy crisis began to take its toll.

If game developers shift their priorities from slow-selling PlayStation 3 to rapidly selling Wii and Xbox 360, then more games will be available for gaming platforms by Microsoft and Nintendo.