Nvidia Extends PhysX Licensing Agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment

Nvidia’s PhysX to Power Future PlayStation 3 Video Games

by Anton Shilov
03/17/2009 | 10:31 PM

Nvidia Corp. on Tuesday extended the licensing agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. over licensing of physics effects software development kit (SDK) originally developed by Ageia (which Nvidia acquired back in 2008) and licensed to Sony about four years ago.


Under the terms of the new agreement, Nvidia’s PhysX SDK will be available to registered PlayStation 3 platform video game creators for free download and use on the SCEI Developer Network. Previously SCEI had sublicensing rights of the Ageia PhysX SDK (also known as NovodeX) that allowed game developers to utilize Cell processor for complex multi-thread calculations of physics effects.

“Nvidia is proud to support PlayStation 3 as an approved middleware provider. Games developed for the PlayStation 3 using PhysX technology offer a more realistic and lifelike interaction between the games characters and other objects within the game. We look forward to the new games that will redefine reality for a new generation of gamers,” said Tony Tamasi, senior vice president of content and technology at Nvidia.

The PhysX technology source code SDKs for PS3 and all major gaming platforms are available for license directly from Nvidia.