Game Developer Designs Rendering Engine for PlayStation 4, Xbox 3

Crytek Aims New Rendering Engine at Next-Generation

by Anton Shilov
04/08/2009 | 10:49 PM

Crytek, a leading developer of video games and 3D rendering engines, said that its current work, the CryEngine 3, is aimed at the next-generation video game systems which will replace the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The company believes that by the time the engine as well as games on its base hit the market, the new consoles will already be available.


“CryEngine is the technology that allows you to look out for the future by being next-gen ready. That means if you know you want to make a PS3, Xbox 360 and PC game, you may also want to be looking at a version for the next Xbox or the next PlayStation. If you want that, this is the engine of choice because it can scale up, it can scale down,” said Cevat Yerli, chief executive officer of Crytek, in an interview with web-site.

Both Microsoft Corp. and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. are tight lipped when the next-generation PlayStation and Xbox arrive, however, a video game industry executive said recently that Microsoft had already started discussing certain concepts of the Xbox Next with the development community.

According to Mr. Yerli, whose company was concentrating on developing high-profile titles for personal computers for many years, the forthcoming CryEngine 3 will be highly scalable, hence, it should be relatively easy to tailor performance and quality for the next-generation hardware as well as the current-generation consoles, PS3 and Xbox 360.

“Whatever the next-generation will be, it will be more parallelism, more computation of what already exists. We are ready for that. Writing the driver layers for the next PlayStation or next Xbox will be quite simple for us. As soon as that knowledge becomes public, we will be on it,” claimed chief exec of Crytek.

Mr. Yerli did not confirm whether he had any official knowledge regarding the next-generation leading-edge consoles. Still, it is hard to believe that Crytek has started the development without any knowledge regarding the target platforms.