Game Development Executive: Do Not Expect Microsoft and Sony to Release Motion Sensing Controller Shortly

Ex-Microsoft Game Exec Does Not Expect Wiimote-Like Controllers from Microsoft or Sony

by Anton Shilov
04/22/2009 | 09:04 AM

Peter Moore, president of game developer EA Sports and ex-head of Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox business unit, said in an interview that he would not expect Microsoft or Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. to release Nintendo Wiimote-like motion sensing game controller. Instead, both are likely to concentrate on more advanced interactive technologies.


“I think that, knowing Microsoft in particular, that they are constantly thinking three to five years ahead of where consumer behaviour is going to be, how do people want to interact with their games, and are probably thinking about, not ‘how do we replicate motion control?’, but ‘how do we go one step further?’. I think they are doing that and I think Sony [is] probably [doing] the same,” said Peter Moore in an interview with GameTrailers web-site, reports Edge-Online.

Rumours about possible Wiimote-like game controllers from Microsoft and Sony have been around for more than a year. Both companies own patents on such technologies that would allow them to create similar devices, but none of them has released anything.

Back in February rumours transpired that Microsoft was negotiating with 3DV Systems, an Israel-based company that developed technology which allows to control computers, video game consoles or consumer electronics using gestures. The method does not require a user to hold any device, but a special camera is able to recognize both movements and gestures in 3D mode.