Next-Gen HDMI to Support Stereo 3D, Higher Resolutions, Networking, New Connectors

HDMI 1.4 Spec to Be Finalized by Late June

by Anton Shilov
05/29/2009 | 01:46 PM

HDMI Licensing, the agent responsible for licensing the high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) specification, this week announced the features that will be incorporated in the upcoming HDMI 1.4 specification.


“The HDMI specification continues to add functionality as the consumer electronics and PC industries build products that enhance the consumer’s HD experience. The 1.4 specification will support some of the most exciting and powerful near-term innovations, such as Ethernet connectivity and 3D formats,” said Steve Venuti, president of HDMI Licensing LLC.

The key features of the HDMI 1.4 are:

Consumers will also see new HDMI cables introduced to the market. In order to take advantage of the HDMI Ethernet Channel, consumers will need to purchase either a Standard HDMI cable with Ethernet, or a High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet. Consumers connecting an external device to an in-vehicle HDMI-enabled HD system will need the new Automotive HDMI cable. Consumers can expect to see new HDMI 1.4 cables introduced to the market when new HDMI 1.4 devices are available.

“We are going to broaden our solution by providing a smaller connector for portable devices and a connection system specified for automobiles, as we see both more and different devices adopting the HDMI technology,” concluded Mr. Venuti.