OCZ’s OLED Keyboard Now Available for $135 - $179

OCZ’s Sabre Keyboard More Affordable Than Anticipated

by Anton Shilov
07/09/2009 | 10:02 PM

OCZ Technology’s Sabre keyboard with nine programmable keys with OLED screens inside. Apparently, OCZ’s keyboard is much more affordable compared to a similar device from United Keys – OCZ Sabre is available for $135 or $179, depending on the store, the price of a typical high-end keyboard.


The OCZ Sabre features an ergonomic design and construction with keys lasting over 5 million cycles (for keys without screen) and will remain comfortable even through prolonged usage with its clean layout, tilted design, and superior tactile feedback, according to OCZ.

The nine dynamic OLED (organic light emitting diode) user-programmable hotkeys help manage time and efficiency while surfing the web, gaming, emailing, and CAD applications or any avenue the user sees fit. The unique OLED keys can convert any digital image or text into distinctive icons, reminding the user of the personalized shortcut. The keyboard is equipped with 128MB of internal storage and is compatible with USB 2.0 bus.

OCZ Sabre keyboard with OLED screens was originally developed by United Keys and manufactured by Foxconn Electronics. However, it should be noted that compared to United Keys’ device, OCZ declares different characteristics for its product.

At present OCZ Sabre is available from four online stores in the U.S.: AntaresPro, FrozenCPU, Newegg and ZipZoomFly from $135 to $179, depending on the store.