Notebook – the Most Desired Christmas Gift, Says CEA

Notebooks, Players and HDTVs Top Christmas Presents Wish List

by Anton Shilov
11/20/2009 | 10:06 AM

The recently released top 10 list of the most desired consumer electronics gifts for Christmas is topped by notebooks, portable digital media players and flat panel televisions. What is especially noteworthy is that an e-book reader is a more desired gift than an Apple iPhone or a Blu-ray disc player.


The Consumer Electronics Association found out the top 10 most desired gifts for this Christmas holiday season:

  1. Notebook or laptop PC
  2. Portable mp3 player/digital media player
  3. Flat panel TV
  4. Video game console
  5. Digital Camera
  6. E-book reader/Amazon Kindle
  7. Apple iPhone
  8. Blu-ray player
  9. Desktop PC
  10. Smartphone

With notebooks on top and desktops in top 10, it looks like the PC is making a huge come back in/ this holiday season in particular as well as in the foreseeable future in general. Eventually, this will transform into demand for higher-end aftermarket hardware as well as advanced or even luxurious systems.

The popularity of portable digital media players is quite natural since incredible amount of people want to enjoy their content on the go and want more and more advanced devices. In fact, the demand for flat panel TVs – which are usually high-definition TV-sets – also represents the aforementioned trend: people would like to benefit from higher quality of available content.

The presence of e-book readers in the top 10 list is more than a good news for the industry. Firstly, this ensures that the population will continue reading books; secondly, this ensures that people will continue reading news-papers; thirdly, content owners will be able to monetize their work digitally.

According to recent findings by CEA, four out of five adults (80%) plan on buying CE products this holiday, the highest results in the 16 years of the survey. Overall gift spending this holiday will increase 4% over last year despite a drop in overall holiday spending. Spending on CE will also increase over last year. Consumers plan to spend an average of $222 on consumer electronics this holiday, a gain of 8% over last year. Half of consumers (48%) also plan to buy a CE product for themselves this holiday.