Sony PSPgo May Receive External UMD Reader from Logitech - Rumour

Sony’s New PSP May Receive Support for Older UMB-Based Games

by Anton Shilov
12/03/2009 | 04:05 PM

Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation Portable Go version that relies on downloadable games may receive an external Universal Media Disc (UMD) reader that will allow owners of games released on UMD to use them on the newer PSPgo version. While the news may be a relief for owners of large UMD collections, at present it should be considered as a rumour.


Logitech, one of the largest producer of peripherals on the globe, is readying its external UMD reader for Sony PSPgo, according to a report from web-site. Technical details are not available, but it is hardly likely that the add-on will plug into MemoryStick slot of PSPgo and will make the console considerably bulkier. Release timeframes and possible price-points are also unknown.

Universal media disc has always been somewhat controversial technology. The optical media was only supported by PSP, which allowed Sony to sell movies on such discs that could only be watched on a PlayStation Portable system and also nearly excluded piracy of video games. However, it was not exactly a good idea for end users to movies solely for PSP. As a result, removal of UMD brings more concerns to games, but not multimedia fans, simply because very few of the latter bought PlayStation Portable.

Sony PSPgo relies on downloadable games and owners of UMD-based titles have to buy them again online. As a result, an UMD add-on for PSPgo may become a rather popular accessory.

The main difference between the new PSPgo and the original PSP is the design: instead of locating controls on the sides of the device, PSPgo features a sliding display panel with controls located under it. In addition, PSPgo replaces the UMD drive with 16GB of flash memory to store a variety of digital entertainment content. In addition to Wi-Fi, PSP Go also sports Bluetooth that allows to connect PS3 controllers, such as DualShock or SixAxis, but not for playing games, but in order "to be used when watching video content on TVs via PSP at home".

Logitech and Sony did not comment on the news-story.