Sony Delays Motion-Sensing Controller for PlayStation 3

Sony Postpones Release of Motion Controller to Fall

by Anton Shilov
01/19/2010 | 11:33 PM

Sony Computer Entertainment late on Tuesday said that it would postpone the launch of its highly-anticipated motion-sensing game controller to Fall 2010. The company delays product release from Spring ’10 in order to release the new controller with a new set of games from third-party developers that take advantage of it.


“We have decided to release the motion controller in fall 2010 when we will be able to offer an exciting and varied line-up of software titles that will deliver the new entertainment experience to PS3 users. We will continue to work to have a comprehensive portfolio of attractive and innovative games for the Motion Controller, not only from SCE Worldwide Studios but also from the third party developers and publishers, whom we have been working closely with,” said Kazuo Hirai, president and chief executive officer of Sony Computer Entertainment.

Initially Sony planned to release its motion controller in Spring and launch fifteen own games to support the product. However, it now seems that either the games are not ready or Sony was convinced by its partners about the necessity of third-party games.

Sony also indicated that it will “vigorously promote” the motion controller as the de facto controller of the PS3 platform along with the Dualshock series controller and will deploy various measures to enhance the software title line-up for the motion controller.

The PS3 motion controller is equipped with two motion sensors, three axes gyroscope and three axes accelerometer that can detect the controller's angle and movement held in the user's hand. Together with the PlayStation Eye camera for PS3, which can accurately track the absolute position of the controller, the controller can detect the natural and intuitive movement of the hand and reflect the precise movement on to the game. The sphere placed on the top of the controller is not only used to track the absolute position but can also give visual feedback to users by changing the colors or the illuminating patterns of the sphere. Furthermore, the new controller is also equipped with a rumble feature, similar to the PlayStation DualShock series controller.

“We look forward to soon unveiling the exciting software line-up that further expand and define the PS3 platform as the ultimate entertainment system for the home,” added Mr. Hirai.