Nintendo Not Worried About Gaming Capabilities of Apple iPad

Nintendo Does Not Consider Apple iPad a Rival

by Anton Shilov
01/31/2010 | 10:11 PM

Even though Apple iPad tablet comes with rather impressive video-gaming capabilities, Nintendo does not consider the device a rival for its own portable game consolers, such as Nintendo DS. Apparently, the head of Nintendo believes that the iPad is just an enlarged iPod touch.


“There were no surprises for me. It was a bigger iPod Touch,” said Satoru Iwata, chief executive officer of Nintendo, in an interview with Associated Press.

Rumours about Apple’s interests towards video-game market have been flying around for years. The company’s iPhone and iPod touch devices allow to play video games, but the iPad tablet allows more comfortable gaming experience and also packs in more performance, which results in better graphics. Nevertheless, it looks like Nintendo does not consider iPad a rival for its Nintendo DS portable game console.

Mr. Iwata also denied rumor in Japanese press that what Nintendo has in the works in new gadgets may be a DS equipped with a motion-sensor similar to the controller of Nintendo's popular Wii home console.